Chapter 55

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I lie rigidly in the four poster bed staring up at the ceiling

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I lie rigidly in the four poster bed staring up at the ceiling. I try to process what I just overheard. My heart is racing.

Cal said that Cupid wants the match to be made. And that he is trying to kill someone.

The founder?

Is he using me?

As my head is whirring I hear footsteps down the hall. I squeeze my eyes shut and lie still.

There's a light rap on the bedroom door and my body tenses.

I don't want either of the brothers to know I heard them. Especially not Cupid.

Not yet.

There's another rap.

"Lila?" Comes Cupid's voice "You awake?"

I don't reply. He knocks again.


I sigh and sit up - shuffling towards the headboard and pulling the silky sheets to my chin.

"Yes" I say.

Cupid opens the door, slowly letting in a line of light from the corridor outside.

He steps inside and makes his way towards me.

He's changed out of his suit and is now wearing grey, baggy sweatpants and a white T-shirt. He approaches the bed and sits down on the edge. I notice he has clothing folded in his hands which he places down beside him.

I look up at him suspiciously.

The moon creates dark shadows on his face through the window. His jawline is tensed and his breathing seems heavy.

I wonder if the argument he has just had with Cal has gotten to him.

"I just wanted to check you were OK" he says.

I stare at him.

"I'm fine" I say shortly.

Cupid looks at me curiously.

"Are you sure?" he says.

I give a brisk nod.

"I've brought you some clothes" he says shrugging "Just an old T-Shirt and some of my shorts. I thought you'd be more comfortable"

I nod again.

He seems to study me for a moment.

"You're embarrassed" he says "About the dance."

His voice is a little strained.

"You danced with my brother"

He looks at me - his eyes burn into mine.

I shrug.

Embarrassed? If that's what he wants to think then fine.

He stands up.

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