Hello, My Name Is Cupid (Book I)

Hello, My Name Is Cupid (Book I)

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I was sent to earth to get to know the behaviour of humans - at least that's my official mission. 

I prefer going back to my old job. Which means, making people fall in love. But there is a major problem, as soon as I'd use my bow and arrow god would notice it. So I need to try it differently: I need to set up romantic events and do some talking - lots of talking.

In case you didn't get it yet, I'm Cupid. 

No, I'm not the way humans imagine me.
And earth is not the way I imagined it.

This mission changed everything.

Book 1 in the Enochian series
Highest rank: #49 in paranormal

Rivaicifer Rivaicifer May 21
God let us have free will.
                              Single best sentence, because I laughed so hard for some reason.
                              I read it in a sarcastic snarky voice and it was funny.
God created humans tho. He knows how we act he just hates you in general
Omg now I'm imagining him jumping a round with a big grin on his face 😂
AnnaChen231 AnnaChen231 May 12
Actually, Cupid is supposed to make people slices miserable
                              I learned that in English class cause of Midsummer Nights Dream
_addictedtoyou_ _addictedtoyou_ May 08, 2016
I just got reminded of Castiel ( Angel and all ) ❤ #supernatural_reference
jiminaaegyo jiminaaegyo Dec 18, 2015
The cover is amazing!! Can i ask what app you used to make it??