Chapter 33

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I shift on my cushion, looking at the woman on the stage then back to Cal and Cupid

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I shift on my cushion, looking at the woman on the stage then back to Cal and Cupid.

"She's your ex?" I splutter - I direct an accusing glare at Cal "I thought cupids couldn't do the whole love thing?"

The Matchmaking Agent frowns.

"Cupids can't be matched" he says sternly. "It is forbidden for us to fall in love..."

"Doesn't mean we can't have fun..." Cupid interjects grinning.

He sits back down on the picnic blanket in front of me. Even though he is tall, I notice he has a certain grace about his movements.

"...though some of us may choose not to" He adds, smirking at his brother.

He looks up at Hermes who is still stood beside us.

"Care to join us Herms?" he asks.

Cupid's friend shakes his head.

"Not tonight buddy" he says "Got business to attend to. But..."

He pauses.

"Be careful" he says.

He directs a look at me.

Cupid frowns – his usual mischievous air gone. For a moment he looks dangerous.

"Do you know something Hermes?" he asks.

The warm look disappears from Hermes' face and a tiredness crosses his features.

"I'm a messenger Cupid" he says "I was delivering messages before you were even born. I know many things. More than you could possibly comprehend."

He frowns.

"But I do not involve myself in these matters." He continues " a friend to you...I warn you. Be careful."

He looks at me again – his expression unreadable.

"You are playing with fire. Some things are best left alone."

The two stare at each other for an uncomfortable moment before Hermes' face breaks out into a warm smile again and the tension is gone.

"See you around Cupid" he says.

He turns swiftly on his heel and waltzes off amongst the picnic blankets.

I look at the two brothers.

"What was that all about?" I ask "Playing with fire? Is he talking about the Arrows?"

Cal frowns and gives a slight shake of his head but before he can say anything Cupid interrupts.

"Sure" he says absently as the suited waiter returns "The Arrows..."

The waiter places a small, stone slate in the centre of us and puts a picnic basket, ceramic jug, and three glasses on top of it.

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