Chapter 38

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I wait until Cupid's breathing becomes rhythmic and heavy

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I wait until Cupid's breathing becomes rhythmic and heavy. I can't help but watch the blanket rise up and down slowly over his chest as he sleeps. In the dim light of the now dying fire his face looks almost angelic.

When I'm sure he is no longer awake I pull out my phone from my jeans pocket.

There's a text from Charlie.

We need to talk. Something weird is going on. Charlie.

I frown then cast a glance over to Cal.

He said not to contact anyone. He said it was too dangerous.

I sigh, then quietly climb out of the armchair and tiptoe towards the exit of the room.

Cupid grunts as I step past him and my heart jumps against my chest - then he falls quiet once more and I slip out into the corridor.

I pad lightly down the hallway – it's dimly lit by the outdoor lights which shine through the glass front of the kitchen down the other end.

Then I make my way up the spiral black staircase at the end of the corridor, and out onto the terrace area that I met Cupid earlier at his party.

I can't believe that was just hours ago – it feels like days have passed since then.

Outside the birds have started to sing, and the sky is the misty grey colour it reaches just before dawn. I glance at the clock on my phone – it's five am.

I wonder if Charlie will even be awake.

I walk to the edge of the terrace and lean against the black, metal fence that stands around the outside.

The air smells fresh like dew and cut grass.

I take a deep breath.

I feel oddly nervous about calling her back. Me and Charlie never fight. I can't even decide if I'm angry. If she and James were hit by arrows, was it even their fault?

Then I recall Cal's words back in the gym -there has to be a feeling there in the first place for it to work.

I suppose we need to talk about it anyway.

I sigh and push the recall button.

The phone rings - and for a hopeful moment I think it's going to go to voicemail - when she picks up.

"Lila" she says quickly.

I pause. My heart beats fast in my chest.

"Charlie" I say coolly.

I hear a sharp intake of breath on the other side of the line.

"Listen Lila," she says "Something...something happened..."

"I know" I interrupt. "You and James. I saw you."

She lets out a soft groan and my resolve softens.

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