Chapter 72

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Cupid says nothing for a moment

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Cupid says nothing for a moment. He looks at Crystal and then at the imposing male stood in front of her.

"I presume Lila and I are free to go?" he says.

The Minotaur's dark eyes twinkle.

"Of course" he says.

He gestures at the exit behind him with a fluid flick of his wrist. I frown.

Surely we're not going to leave her here.

I look at Cupid questioningly. He grins at me in response; a dangerous look in his eye.

"Go ahead Lila" he says, turning his attention back to the unlikely pair "I'll meet you back at the Matchmaking Service."

The Minotaur smiles, but it doesn't reach his eyes.

"Cupid...?" I say.

He shakes his head.

"Go back Lila" he says firmly "Tell my brother we'll be back in a minute. The other Myths will be waking up and he'll be worried about us."

"You really don't want to do this, friend" says the Minotaur.

There is a menacing undercurrent to his otherwise polite tone. Cupid grins, pulling an arrow out from his quiver.

"Oh...I really do" he replies. "Friend."

The tattooed male shrugs, then, in a movement too quick for me to see, leaps forward across the stone floor and takes a swipe at Cupid. Cupid is knocked backwards a few steps and a bloody welt appears on his cheek. At the same time Crystal hurls herself out of the way towards me and grabs my shoulders.

"Get out of here" she shouts at me.

She pushes me towards the steps and I stumble forwards. I pause a minute.

It feels wrong to leave them here.

"Go" she shouts again from below "Get out of here."

Reluctantly I rush up to the door, the sound of grunts and thuds filling my ears. I turn again.

Cupid and the Minotaur are fighting viciously. Cupid's bow and arrows have fallen to the floor, and the two are exchanging hard blows across the ball room. As I'm staring in horror, the Minotaur throws Cupid over the side of one of the round tables - and there is a clashing sound as silver cutlery rains onto the floor. 

Cupid springs back to his feet and grabs a candelabra - thumping it down on the Minotaur's head.

As they are fighting Crystal leaps behind them and grabs Cupid's bow.

I place my hand tentatively on the on the door handle. 

Cupid catches my eye as he swipes the Minotaur across the jaw with the gold plaited, makeshift weapon.

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