Chapter 74

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The Commander's steely eyes lock onto mine through the barred window

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The Commander's steely eyes lock onto mine through the barred window.

He gives a subtle nod and turns away. Instantly another Matchmaking Agent approaches and pulls open the cell door.

My heart pounds against my ribcage as we stare at each other. His dark eyes are cold and reproachful.

Then he reaches inside and pulls me out of my seat; his grip tight around my arm.

I feel a wave of panic as I stumble into the dimly lit corridor. There are two other male agents, and three female agents close by – all armed and wearing white fighting suits.

They drag Cupid and Crystal out at either side of me; shouting things at them as they do so. I hear get out and traitor, among other insults.

My whole body is shaking with the violence of it.

Cupid catches my eye as four of the agents surround him. They seem to be taking no chances that he will escape, and I watch in horror as they tear at his clothes and punch him in the stomach.

I try to move towards him but the agent holding onto me tightens his grip on my arm.

Cupid doesn't react to the beating – merely holds my gaze.

It'll be OK he mouths to me.

Crystal beside him just looks irritated. I watch as she shrugs off the male agent who is attempting to hold her still.

The Commander stands back from the group of us, watching the scene dispassionately.

"Christian, handcuff the prisoners." He says once everyone has quietened down.

The agent gripping onto me suddenly pulls my arms forward and slips a strong, black cable around my wrists. I yelp as he does so. 

The material is ice cold and pinches my skin.

He moves over to do the same to Crystal and Cupid, and the Commander gives a thin smile.

"Time to go" he says "Venus is waiting."

My stomach tightens as Christian and one of the female agents take place on either side of me.

The Commander strides down the damp corridor ahead of us, and I am pushed forward. I can hear the sounds of Cupid and Crystal being marched along behind us.

I glance through the bars of the dark cells as we walk by–catching glimpses of the Myths sat behind.

The Minotaur winks at me as we pass – a dangerous smile playing about his lips.

I remember what Cupid said in the Labyrinth.

The Minotaur is a killer.

My heart races.

Can we really trust these Myths to save us?

My legs feel increasingly weak as we are forced up the stone steps and out into the indoor courtyard.

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