Out of the Lamp by SSRouf
Out of the Lampby distressed_brownie
Extract: 'You've been sinning.' His voice is laced with dark amusement. 'Tut, tut, naughty little genie.' He chuckles. 'I'll have to punish you.' Uh oh. Shadows enshro...
  • chicklit
  • secrets
  • comedy
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Playing Matchmaker ✔️ by summercalling
Playing Matchmaker ✔️by summer
❝One day your Prince will come. Mine just took a wrong turn, got lost and is too stubborn to ask for directions.❞ Nova Lockheart is sick of playing matchmaker between he...
  • funny
  • brother
  • adorable
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Undertale/Au's x reader 4 by Broken-fnaf-fan
Undertale/Au's x reader 4by Creator Abbie.
Here's the fourth book! thank you all for all the love and nice comments on the first, second, and third book! NO LEMONS! FLUFF AND YANDERE ONLY! Mostly Au sans and pa...
  • ocs
  • fellsans
  • fellpapyrus
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Toxic chemistry #2 by TheScarletAngel_
Toxic chemistry #2by Ana
Neil Stewart's trip to New York was not for fun. No. She's only going there to fulfill her maid of honor's duty to her bestfriend by helping her plan the best darned wed...
  • vampire
  • adventure
  • basketball
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The Poetry Gauntlet by WP_Poetry
The Poetry Gauntletby Poetry
An Epic Collaboration! There is a poet in all of us. Residing beneath layers of stories, genres and words. Come, let's set that poet free... To run The Poetry Gaun...
  • fantasy
  • wattrowling
  • highfantasy
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Cupid's Contract by EllieKeatingAuthor
Cupid's Contractby Ellie Keating
Eve has accidentally entered into a love contract with Cupid. She has to find her soulmate, or be his slave forever. If that wasn't hard enough, she has a new boss, a me...
  • angels
  • romcom
  • romance
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Bad Santa : CUPID'S MATCH SPIN-OFF by LEPalphreyman
The time for being good is over. It's time to be bad... *** My dearest cupids, For too long we have adhered to the old ways, the traditions, the r u l e s. But no more...
  • winter
  • cupidsmatch
  • matchmaking
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Love Struck | ✓ by lovelyness-
Love Struck | ✓by :)
Highest Rank - #412 in teen fiction . [ COMPLETED ] 1. Find the perfect match. 2. Pull a few heart strings. 3. Leave them love struck. Three simple steps is all it took...
  • lovestruck
  • new
  • francisco
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Cupid and Psyche |Lesbian Version| by Svetaivanova
Cupid and Psyche |Lesbian Version|by S V E T A
Once there was a king and a queen with three lovely daughters. The youngest, Psyche, was so beautiful, so fair of face and form that she was revered throughout the land...
  • olympus
  • greek
  • underworld
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Micheal B Jordan by LoverGirlCupid
Micheal B Jordanby Squeak
This is a oneshot book for micheal. My bae. I love this guy and I'm sure there's others out there. Open to write anything and taking request always. Thanks loves -Cupid
  • celebrity
  • cupid
  • michealbjordan
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'Cupid Has Rolled His Dice' by spectrumrectrum
'Cupid Has Rolled His Dice'by spectrumrectrum
It's well known in Roman mythology that the Gods and goddesses enjoy playing good games with the lesser half of themselves, humans. It is to no 'surprise' when 18 year o...
  • readerinsert
  • kimseokjjn
  • angst
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cupid || by xxsincerelytae
cupid || K.thby • t °
Cupid wants love too. ••• "I'm in love with you, (y/n)." ••• Started : 9/17/18 Ended : ???
  • jimin
  • jin
  • humor
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Cupid's Arrow ✔ by yuktsakaria
Cupid's Arrow ✔by yuktsakaria
Meet Chloe Wilson, she's like any other girl, funny, nerd, sweet, keeping sarcasm as her middle name, but she has a secret that no one knows, but her best friend. Now me...
  • flirt
  • drama
  • friendship
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How To Train Your Boyfriend by The_LostGirl
How To Train Your Boyfriendby The_LostGirl
*2018 WATTY'S SHORTLIST* "Do you trust me?" For years, Sutton Wright had been known as the "Boy Doctor". She handled everything from exes, to boyfrie...
  • romance
  • summerread
  • teenromance
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I'm Probably A Brick Wall | ✏ by teddybear_child
I'm Probably A Brick Wall | ✏by Taffy [aka BITCH]
"Unfortunately, even if you look my way, you'll never see me. Even if I'm sitting right next to you." Tony Flicker, your average over weight, self-conscious, s...
  • notes
  • self-esteem
  • toalltheboyscontest
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Best Completed Wattpad Stories by Ritsil99
Best Completed Wattpad Storiesby Richelle Marie
These are some of my favorite books in wattpad and if you want me to check out some of your books then leave a comment:) NOTE I dedicate this book to all readers out the...
  • wattpad
  • badboy
  • romance
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I'm A Cupid ➳ SaTzu  by forsapphire
I'm A Cupid ➳ SaTzu by 👽
She was sent to the mortal world to make them fall in love But what will happen if the cupid falls in love? 18.03.20 Highest ranking is #387 in fanfiction
  • gxg
  • elkie
  • english
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Arrow To The Heart- [Jack Frost x reader] by DisneyBabes
Arrow To The Heart- [Jack Frost Disney enthusiast
Cupid, or Y/N as she prefers to be called, pairs people up, is the queen of love in general- yet she's sworn not to love. That is, until Jack Frost, the cheeky, pesky, g...
  • jack
  • jackfrostxreader
  • love
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Red Cupid |✔️|  by teraCANread
Red Cupid |✔️| by Tera
Highest Ranking: #72 in Short Story ___________________________________ "Hi, are you the School Cupid?" "'d you get my number?" "Well...
  • red
  • highschool
  • cupid
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The Moons New Guardian by Violet_Randy
The Moons New Guardianby Violet_Randy
What Happens When Manny Chooses A New Guardian? After The Guardians Defeat Pitch Jack Stumbles Across Some New Information. A Female Guardian He Has Never Meet Before. ...
  • moon
  • jelsa
  • themoonsnewguardian
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