Chapter 65

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For a moment I think I'm going to be sick

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For a moment I think I'm going to be sick. My heartbeat pounds in my ears and my whole body starts to shake.

Venus will see me now.

Cal rises from the armchair and stands up rigidly beside me. I look up at him and our eyes meet. I shake my head softly.

This can't be happening.

"Get up," says Cal.

I look over to Venus' PA who is tapping his fingers against the reception booth impatiently.

"She hasn't got all day," he says – his voice high pitched and musical.

I look up at Cal again and through my panic I manage to push myself up out of the seat. The moment I no longer have the chair for support my legs give way. Cal catches me, grabbing one of my arms and pulling me up towards him.

"Cal..." I say weakly – my anger replaced with fear. "I don't want to meet her. I want to go home. Please."

He stares at me for a moment then lets go of my arm – running his hand through his hair. Despite his cool demeanour I can tell he is nervous. I cast my gaze to the quiver still on his back.

He still has The Finis.

Maybe if I could get hold of it I could....

Cal follows my eye-line and shakes his head subtly. He frowns– his eyes blazing silver. Grabbing my arm he pushes me ahead of him towards Charles.

"Don't do anything stupid Lila" he whispers into my ear through gritted teeth.

As we start to move forwards the PA rolls his eyes and spins haughtily on his heel – making his way past the reception booth.

"This way please" he says in his sing-song tone.

Cal marches me after him – his hand still holding tightly onto my arm. This time I don't try and shake him off. If he wasn't holding on to me I think my legs would give way.

We follow Charles down a long, arched corridor. The walls are a bright white, and our footsteps echo off the black and white chequered floor. The air smells sickly sweet and turns my stomach.

As we move on I wonder if Cal is going to deliver the Finis directly to Venus.

After all we went through to get it.

Then my thoughts jolt back to Cupid – lying unconscious on the floor.

What if she goes back to his house?

She could use it to kill him.

I glare up at Cal.

"How could you do this?" I whisper again.

He says nothing – only gestures subtly with his head to the door straight ahead.

Two armed cupids – a female and a male - stand in front of it. As we get closer I notice the black plaque with Venus, CEO written in elegant pink calligraphy nailed to the dark wood.

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