Chapter 15

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The bell rings for next class

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The bell rings for next class.

Charlie doesn't seem too bothered about her new job as mentor – she has already skipped over to Cal who – incidentally - has been firing dirty looks at me throughout the lesson. He now looks bored as my friend tries to engage him in conversation.

I hurriedly pack away my things; wondering if I can just sneak off without having to deal with Cupid.

"I'll see you at lunch," I whisper to James as I sling my backpack over my shoulder.

"Not wanting to escort the 'love god' round school?" he replies drily, raising an eyebrow.

"You know me too well," I smirk before creeping towards the door.

I dodge swiftly around my classmates – trying not to catch our teacher's attention.

Finally I reach the exit and briefly look back.

I breathe in sharply.

Cupid, still sat casually at his desk, is watching me intensely; an amused expression across his face.

I shake my head to myself then stare back at him; giving an exaggerated shrug and my best faux innocent eyes. He grins wickedly, exposing bright white teeth, and just as I edge backwards out of the room he coughs loudly.

Ms Green suddenly looks up from her desk.

"Lila," she says sharply, "where do you think you're going? Make sure you take Cupid to his next lesson. English I believe."

She goes back to her work and he smiles innocently.

I see Cal frown.

"It's fine," he says shortly, narrowing his eyes at my supposed match. "I'm sure we can both find our own way around."

Cupid looks at Cal, surprised, and then looks right back at me again. He grins.

"Speak for yourself," he says, "I think I'd prefer Lila to take me."

He has a strange accent I notice – American but with a slight British twang. The way he says my name – as though it's some form of rare delicacy – gives me a slight shiver up my spine. His blue green eyes are twinkling violently.

I sigh as Cal throws me a sharp look.

"Come on then," I say, making my way out of the door.

I don't look back to see if he's following but I know that he is.

"So, Lila," he says as we step outside.

He pauses and I stop to look up at him.

There's something almost angelic about his features. The artificial light in the corridor – harsh and unflattering on everyone else- softly brushes the angles on his face and makes his fair skin look bright and glowing.

He smells warm, like earth and soap and boy. I can feel heat radiating from his body as he stands slightly closer to me than social convention expects.

It's intoxicating.

I remember what Cal said back in The Cupids Matchmaking Service.

He dabbled with human affairs, human hearts. Obsessed over women and made them obsess over him.

I shiver involuntarily.

 "Your teacher seems to think you should give me everything I need," he says suggestively.

He grins.

His ocean eyes blaze into mine and I feel rooted to the spot; my stomach plummets.

Oh I'm in trouble all right.

Oh I'm in trouble all right

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