Part 2 : Cupid

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Hi! It's Lauren here! I just wanted to say hello and quickly introduce myself :)

Thanks for reading and commenting on Cupid's Match so far! Your votes and comments mean the world to me, I really do appreciate it! <3 <3 <3

There are a few things I should mention: 

1. The Wattpad version of Cupid's Match is a first draft! 

Posting first drafts on Wattpad, with people reading as they're being written, is actually really hard! You have to write quickly, post frequently, maintain interest, foreshadow, deal with negativity, keep going when you've gone wrong, etc. All while figuring out the story in front of an audience!

You also have to keep things coherent, make sure things are obvious enough that people will pick up on them when you haven't posted in a while, include enough recaps that everyone can remember what's going on, shape the plot based on reactions, notice when people are getting bored, etc.

It was Terry Pratchett who once said "The first draft is just you telling yourself the story."  In my case that wasn't fully true because I wrote this on Wattpad - so I was telling fellow Wattpadders the story at the same time that I was figuring it out myself! But with all this in mind, please know that you're reading a very raw version of Cupid's Match that is different to the edited book.

2. The edited, revised, extended, final version of Cupid's Match is out now! 

There's a link in my bio if you'd like to get a copy! Or you can search it on Amazon! 


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3. I'm on social media!

If you want to come find me my handles are:

Wattpad | Twitter | Facebook: LEPalphreyman

Instagram: LaurenPalphreyman

Now Part 2: Cupid is about to begin!

Before you start it - I'd love to know, after reading part 1 - what do you think....?

If you were Lila, would you have gone into Cupid's Matchmaking Service in the first place? Would you have believed Cal? And how would you feel to be matched with...Cupid?

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