Chapter 37

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It's not long before Cal's gentle snores fill the room

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It's not long before Cal's gentle snores fill the room.

I curl up on the armchair; determinedly looking away from my supposed match and watching the flames flicker in the fireplace. I can feel Cupid's eyes still on me.

After a while he sighs and I hear him getting up. I watch him out of the corner of my eye as he moves to the corner of the room, bends down, and picks up a couple of folded blankets.

He walks over to Cal and casually throws one over him. I stare at him, surprised.

I thought they hated each other.

Cupid notices me looking and smirks.

"Want one?" he says, holding out one of the cream, fluffy rugs.

I hold out my hand and he passes one over. I look at him curiously.

He raises an eyebrow as he resumes his laid back position on the leather sofa – placing his hands behind his head and resting his bare feet on the arm of the sofa. He doesn't take his eyes off me.

"I don't think you're quite as bad as you make out that you are" I say quietly after a few tense moments have passed.

Cupid smirks.

"I don't make out I'm bad at all" he replies, looking at Cal "It's my dear brother who likes to do that."

I frown.

"You care about him though" I state simply.

Cupid shrugs.

"He's my brother." He says. "He's a pain. But he's my brother."

"He thinks you shouldn't have come here" I say.

Cupid slowly sits up again and bends forwards in his seat.

I notice the broadness of his shoulders. He looks at me intensely and I feel a fluttering in my stomach.

"Is that what you think?" he says.

I pause.

"You've caused a lot of trouble since you got here." I say. "Why did you come?"

"To find you" he says.

I feel my face flush. I shuffle in the arm chair but hold his gaze.

"Cal said you were banished from the Cupids Matchmaking Service" I say "He said you obsessed over women. That you had extreme views."

Cupid's serious look falls from his face and he lets out a short laugh. He looks surprised a moment - as though he hadn't expected to find something funny.

"Cal said that?" he says "he was always the dramatic one."

I frown.

"They didn't banish you?" I ask.

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