Chapter 16

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I stay frozen for a moment longer as Cupid looks into my eyes mischievously

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I stay frozen for a moment longer as Cupid looks into my eyes mischievously. Then hurriedly I blink and pull myself together

"Whatever," I say scowling.

I set off down the corridor.

"As long as what you want is to get to English class without severely annoying me."

Cupid's face cracks into a grin and he shrugs, falling into step beside me. He has long strides and I subconsciously pick up my pace to keep up with him.

"I suppose I could do that," he replies, clearly amused.

I walk him to a door leading outside where there's a small square courtyard contained in the middle of the school. The Fall sun coats the picnic benches and small patch of grass within it with warm light; as we step outside I feel its rays soak into my skin.

"That other new guy..." says Cupid as we walk across to the doorway on the other side, "he didn't seem to want either of us to have mentors. I wonder why that is..."

He shoots me a sly look, and I wonder if Cal has unintentionally given away that I'm his match.

That would be a touch of irony; if the thing that alerted Cupid to it was Cal being there in the first place.

I reflexively put my hand on my jeans pocket where Cal's message rests.

Am I really going to meet him after school?  For training? What does that even mean?

I shrug.

"Didn't notice," I mutter.

I look up at him. I feel tiny  - the top of my head barely reaches his shoulder.

"Do you know the other new guy?" I ask - deciding to play him at his own game. "It seemed like you did."

Cupid smirks but doesn't say anything as we reach the door at the other side of the yard. We walk through into another corridor identical to the last; locker lined and way too bright.

A number of students glance our way as we pass - a couple of the females giving not so subtle admiring looks at him, which Cupid - not so subtly - notices.

"The girl he was talking to - the cheerleader,"  he continues, completely ignoring my question and looking straight ahead. "What's her name?"

I frown.

"Chloe," I say shortly.

"Chloe," he repeats, "she's pretty hot. I wouldn't mind getting to know her a bit better."

We stop outside his classroom and he looks at me deeply as though trying to gage a reaction.

He's not going to get one.

"Sounds like you've been getting to know quite a few of the cheerleading team," I say drily - not breaking his eye contact.

He laughs; a low musical laugh that attracts a few more admiring glances. I don't smile.

"What can I say?" he replies shrugging. "I'm a friendly guy." 

He opens his leather jacket exposing his thinly covered chest, and pulls out a scrap of paper from an inside pocket.

"Got a pen?" he asks. 

I raise an eyebrow.

"You came to school without a pen?" 

Cupid shrugs and I sigh; swinging my backpack in front of me and pulling out a blue biro from the side pocket.


His fingers lightly brush over mine as he takes it from me, and I feel a slight flutter in my stomach. He looks amused, as though he realises the physiological reaction he has caused, and I hurriedly look away.

Leaning against the doorway, he scribbles something down then passes it to me.

"What's this?" I ask - looking down at it. 

"My address," he says matter-of-factly. 

He smirks as I look at him confused.

"My mother is...out of town," he says, his blue green eyes sparkling.  "And I'm having a party tomorrow. You should come - your friend too."

I frown. He seems to put an emphasis on his mother being out of town - and I wonder what that means.

Do 'cupids' even have mothers?  

I make a mental note to ask Cal later.

Cupid turns and walks into the classroom, looking over his shoulder before disappearing from view. He grins.

"I wouldn't mind getting to know you better either." 


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