Chapter 51

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I look down at the message and feel my heart racing

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I look down at the message and feel my heart racing.

Then I turn to Charlie. Her brown eyes are wide.

"Do you think...?" she starts "Do you think it's them? The ones who took Crystal?"

I frown and pull my own phone out of my pocket.

"Maybe" I say "Just a sec - I'm going to make a call."

I rush out of the room and listen for a moment. I can hear my dad's snores through his bedroom door down the hallway.

Good - he's asleep. No chance of being overheard.

I take a seat on the top step of the stairs and raise my phone. I pause. My first instinct is to call Cupid but I realise I don't have his number.

I scroll through my messages to find the one from Cal then press the dial button.

It rings a few times before he picks up.

"Hello?" he says sullenly.

"Cal" I whisper "Charlie's just got a text."

I can immediately sense the change in Cal's mood.

"From the Arrows?" he asks.

"I don't know" I reply "I think so. It's from an unknown number and Charlie knows everyone"

I hear Cal inhale sharply.

"What does it say?"

I bite my lip.

"It says they'll see her at the Forever Falls Dance on Wednesday" I say darkly "What should we do?"

He falls silent a moment as though in thought.

"Forward the message on to me" he says "I'll see if I recognise the number"

He sighs heavily.

"If we hadn't have got caught breaking into the Matchmaking Service I would have been able to use their tracking technology to find out where the message was sent." he says - a sad note to his tone "But I can't go back now. Not until all of this has blown over"

I feel sorry for him a moment. I hadn't thought about how Cupid's plan would implicate Cal.

"I'm sorry" I mutter "This is my fault. I'm sorry we got caught..,"

"What?" he replies suddenly - his voice unusually soft "It wasn't your..."

He stops speaking then sighs.

"Just send me the message" he snaps.

I roll my eyes to myself and key his number into Charlie's phone.

Seconds later there's a pause and a shuffling sound at the other end of the line as Cal checks the message.

"Well?" I whisper "Do you recognise it? Any chance of tracking it?"

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