Chapter 50

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Cupid walks up to the overturned armchair, pushes it back on its legs, and throws himself into the seat

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Cupid walks up to the overturned armchair, pushes it back on its legs, and throws himself into the seat.

"Let's all calm down" he says. "And find out what we can about the intruders"

The flickering light from the fireplace casts shadows across the angles on his face, and gives a darkness to his fair features.

He casts a meaningful look at Charlie who is still sobbing into my shoulder. I nod and grab her arms, pushing her back gently.

"Why don't you sit down" I say "And tell us what happened"

She looks at me, still sniffling, then nods and takes a seat on one of the leather sofas. Cal still stands rigidly facing the smear of blood on the wall. His silvery eyes are glazed over.

"Cal" I say sharply, hoping to snap him out of it.

He flinches slightly then sighs and takes a seat on the other couch. I sit down beside him.

"I should have told her" he mutters, staring at his feet "I should have told Crystal we were looking for the Finis."

Cupid looks at him and raises an eyebrow.

"Yes brother" he says - a touch of irritation in his voice "That would have made things slightly simpler wouldn't it?"

I glare at him.

Cal clearly feels terrible - there's no point in making him feel worse.

"Well he didn't " I say. "None of us did. So we'll just have to find a way to get her back"

Cupid shrugs then looks at my friend who seems to be calming down.

"Can you tell us what happened Charlie?" he says.

She nods and takes a deep breath.

"I woke up on the couch about an hour ago." she says "I must have completely crashed out after the party..."

I share a look with Cupid.

Selena must have made her completely forget about the whole of yesterday.

"...Crystal was sat in the armchair - I know her quite well," she adds "We met at the diner and hung out over the summer."

That makes sense I suppose - she would have got to know Charlie as well as James in order to make the match.

"She said I'd passed out and she was looking after me while you went out and you'd be back soon. And then we heard a noise."

She looks nervously towards the door.

"Crystal went to check it out" she continues "Minutes later she ran back in. She looked scared and shut the door - then she looked at me and said something...weird..."

Cal leans forward, suddenly alert.

"What did she say?" he asks quickly.

Cupid looks at his brother curiously.

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