Chapter 36

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Stay the night at Cupid's?

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Stay the night at Cupid's?

I frown as my supposed match drives us into the garage of his house. In the mirror I catch a glance of Cal's face – he doesn't look happy.

"She can't stay here" he says sharply - it's the first time he has spoken since his brother's announcement.

Cupid turns his head to look at him as he parks the car, pulling the keys out of the ignition.

"Well she can't go home – those cupids saw us together back in Elysium" He states "We don't know where their alliances lay. And" he adds grinning "We're here now."

Cal frowns.

"Well I'm staying too then" he says, getting out of the car.

Cupid sighs.

"Great..." he mutters as Cal slams the car door behind him.

"Do I get any say in this?" I ask.

Cupid turns round to look at me- almost surprised that I have spoken.

He smirks.

"Nope" he says lightly.

I glare at him and he laughs.

"Sorry love," he says shrugging "it really is for your own safety."

His eyes twinkle as he looks at me for a moment longer than is comfortable. Then he drags his gaze away and gets out of the car.

I stay in the backseat, trying to compose myself for a moment. My heart is racing and I feel oddly nervous at the prospect of spending the night in Cupid's territory. I look down at my hand and see it is shaking slightly.

I sigh.

Get a grip Lila.

"Fine" I reply as I get out of the car.

The two brothers stand next to each other waiting for me – Cal looking characteristically tense stood by Cupid. I close the door of the Aston Martin and they head towards the garage door.

I get out my phone to text to my dad so he won't worry as I follow the two brothers back into the house. I see another three missed calls from Charlie and sigh.

I'm going to have to speak to her sooner or later.

Inside the property we reach a door on the ground floor and Cupid stands back; gesturing that we go inside.

I walk into a large living room. 

It's beautiful.

The floor is hardwood, and a maroon rug stretches out by the prestigious looking mantelpiece. Roaring flames fill the fireplace and a couple of lamps are lit in the corners of the room giving the space a warm glow. One wall is entirely taken up by a bookcase – the spines of the volumes battered and old.

It surprises me a moment and I wonder if Cupid likes to read, or whether they are just there for show.

The other walls are red brick and covered with large oil paintings.

He follows us inside and takes a seat on one of the two leather couches by the fireplace.

I go and sit nervously in the battered armchair facing him – still fiddling with my phone. The atmosphere in the room feels tense and somewhat awkward.

Cal doesn't seat himself - merely stands by the second sofa. He glares at the phone in my hand.

"Who are you contacting?" he asks forcefully.

I furrow my eyebrows – taken aback by the ferocity of Cal's tone. I look up at him.

"I just texted my dad" I say "Not that it's any of your business..."

Cal frowns, his silvery eyes blazing.

"I'm trying to protect you" he says "Do you really think it's a good idea to be letting people know where you are?! Did you tell him you were here?"

Cupid raises an eyebrow – the roaring fire flickering shadows across his face.

"Easy there brother" he says.

Cal ignores him.

"Well did you?" he asks.

I shake my head.

"I told him I was at Charlie's" I mutter.

His expression relaxes.

"Good" he says "Don't contact anyone else. It's too dangerous."

He tensely takes a seat on the other couch.

"I take it we're spending the night in here?" he says, looking at Cupid "all of us."

Cupid grins and looks at me pointedly.

"Well I have a nice big comfy bed upstairs if..."

He trails off as both Cal and I give him a withering look. Cupid laughs.

"Just kidding" he says. "Here, take the sofa Lila. It's more comfortable. I can take the chair."

I shake my head and yawn.

I'm comfy enough and I hardly think I'll be able to sleep anyway.

Cupid shrugs and stretches out onto the couch. I notice his shirt riding up and exposing his hips and lower torso and look away embarrassed.

He catches me looking and grins; placing his arms behind his head he turns to face me.

"Now" he says "time for pillow talk."

Cal exhales sharply – expressing his annoyance at his brother. He lays down on the second sofa and turns his back to the two of us.

"Time for sleep" he says shortly "We have a big day tomorrow."

Cupid looks at me and grins, his blue green eyes twinkling.

I know exactly what he is silently communicating.

My stomach somersaults.

I think sleep is the last thing on Cupid's mind tonight.

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