Chapter 11

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I'm early

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I'm early.

There's a breakfast club on in the mornings, so I trudge down the empty, locker lined corridor towards the canteen. The scent of burnt toast and orange juice wafts towards me as I step inside. There are a few students sat on separate tables but it's mostly quiet.

Who wants to be early on their first day back at school?

I grab some toast from the counter and munch it as I take a seat facing the kitchens; the texture is suspiciously like cardboard.

I frown to myself.

I'm oddly nervous at the prospect of Cupid starting my school; even though I'm not entirely certain I believe it.

I have a boyfriend anyway I remind myself so who cares if he does start?

After Cal had told me about the 'administrative error'  he walked me back to reception and told me he would be monitoring the situation - whatever that means. I think back to the room full of screens at the matchmaking service, and glance up at the CCTV camera in the corner of the cafeteria. I furrow my eyebrows.

"Cal," I whisper under my breath "If you're watching me...cut it out."

I sigh and lean back in my chair.

Talking to I going mad?

Suddenly the canteen doors burst open - disrupting the quiet. I jump and turn around in my chair; startled.

Then I raise an eyebrow and grin.

Charlie, my best friend, is hurtling between the rows of tables towards me - her jet black hair flying in disarray behind her.

"Hot.....there''s a hot..." she pants between breaths, bending over slightly with her hands on her knees as she composes herself.

She places a finger up towards me indicating I should wait a second.

"," she finally gasps, before crumpling into the chair before me. "I...saw him...pass by our social committee..meeting."

She looks exceedingly pleased with herself for passing on this knowledge.

My stomach plummets.


I feign a smile.

"And you felt the need to run all the way to the canteen to tell me this?" I ask drily.

She's just about to continue her story when her brown eyes widen.

"Make that two new hot guys," she whispers slyly; her eyes on the door.

I frown and turn my head to see who she's looking at.

My stomach jolts again.

He's not wearing his white, pristine suit - but a pair of jeans and a chequered shirt. He looks younger and more relaxed than he did before - his blonde hair slightly ruffled and his walk less formal.

What is he doing here??

It's Cal.

It's Cal

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