Chapter 77

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I open my eyes then blink a few times

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I open my eyes then blink a few times.

I'm lying down. A searing artificial light fills my vision and I can see a white ceiling above me. My ears are filled with a steady beeping sound.

I swallow. My throat feels like it's on fire and as I try to raise my head it feels like it's going to explode.

I squeeze my eyes shut again; staying still so as not to cause more pain.

What is going on?

Then it all comes flooding back to me.

I remember thinking that Cupid was dead. I remember Venus' face inches from mine.

And I remember plunging an arrow into her heart.

Was it the Finis?

Suddenly I scramble into a sitting position, grunting with pain. My eyes widen. I look around.

I'm in a hospital ward.

On the chair next to me is my dad, his eyes are closed and his chest is softly rising and falling.

As though sensing me regaining consciousness his eyes flicker open and relief washes over his face.

"Lila" he says. "I was so worried."

I look around through bleary eyes. There are two people stood outside the door, facing away from me. I turn my gaze back to my father.

"Dad?" I reply, tears forming in my eyes.

He reaches forwards and pulls me into a hug. On hearing our voices the two figures in the doorway turn around.

I feel overcome with relief.

Cupid and Cal.

They're OK.

They enter the room and I notice Cal's subtle limp. His long sleeves ride up slightly as he approaches and I see the bruising around his wrists where the cables bound him to the metal pole.

My dad pulls away.

"I should get a doctor" he says "You gave us quite a scare. It's a good job these two young gentlemen were around to get you to a hospital. They've watched over you this entire time."

I look at him confused for a moment.

"Some scaffolding fell on you Lila" he says "The doctors said you might forget. I'll go and get someone now."

Behind him Cupid raises his eyebrows and grins as my dad kisses me on the forehead and hurries out of the room. He throws himself into the chair beside me while Cal lingers hesitantly by the door frame.

"Got to be careful of that scaffolding lovebug" says Cupid winking.

I turn to him. He's wearing grey sweatpants and a cotton white T-shirt. He looks tired, but unharmed.

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