Chapter 73

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I peer down the corridor

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I peer down the corridor.

Shadowy figures approach us from both sides, emerging from the small cells. In a few moments time the group of prisoners surround us.

I catch Charlie's eye, stood at the front. She looks exhausted but grins when she sees me. I can't help but wonder what she would have experienced in her version of the Sim.

What would Charlie's worst nightmare be?

Selena is stood beside her, an irritable look on her face, and I notice Medusa staring at me among the group. She is no longer blindfolded and I see that her eyes are an unnatural glassy blue; they stand out against her dark, tanned complexion.

I recoil slightly as I notice the black snake curled around her right arm.

Others in the crowd greet each other like old friends; I recognise Hermes, from the Elysium club, chatting animatedly to a group of dishevelled looking gladiators, and Pandora talks warily to a wolfish looking teenager.

Leant against the wall by the back I spot the Minotaur; he is watching Crystal, a half smile playing about his lips.

Cupid looks around as Cal stands tensely beside me.

"I guess you are all now aware of our...little predicament" says Cupid.

"You mean the one where you brought back an Ancient Goddess who wants to kill you and your girlfriend?" drawls a girl.


I know we've kissed, and he's my match – but we've not exactly had the girlfriend-boyfriend talk.

I find my eyes flickering up at Cupid, wondering how he will react.

There is an amused expression on his face and he looks like he's about to speak when the slender boy stood beside her ruffles her hair.

"You're always such a grump in the mornings little sister" he grins.

As she scowls and shrugs him off I feel my eyes widen; both of them have black feathered stumps jutting out through the backs of their cotton shirts.


The male catches Cupid's eye.

"My sister Icarus and I are both grateful to you for freeing us – and will be honoured to help you take down Venus." He says "But this is not an easy task. Do you have a plan?"

Cupid smiles politely.

"Well, I'm glad you ask Daedalus" he says.

He throws a sideways look at Cal. "Erm...Plan brother?"

Cal nods- his stern expression emphasising the angles in his face.

"The trial is due to start any minute now" he says "We'll allow it to proceed as planned."

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