Chapter 3

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"I really

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"I really..." I protest.

The receptionist raises one hand, signalling me to be quiet, whilst pressing a white button on the intercom beside her.

A few moments later a muffled male voice sounds through the small speaker.

"What is it Crystal?" he sounds disgruntled.

"Cal," she chimes, a false smile set on her face "I need you to come through to the reception right away."

There's a muttering on the other side of the intercom but I can't quite work out what is being said before his voice becomes clear again.

"You know the line Crystal," he snaps "We're not taking on any new clients at this time"

She coughs, a little embarrassed, and quickly picks up the receiver; slipping off her headset and pushing the phone to her ear.

"It's not that," she whispers hurriedly "Look, you just really need to come out here. OK?"

I can hear some more muttering on the other end before Crystal places the phone back down. The robotic smile reappears.

"One of our agents will be with you momentarily," she says.

I'm about to argue that I don't want to see an agent, I just want them to stop contacting me, when the glass panel door beside reception swings open revealing who I can only presume to be Cal.

He is as beautiful as Crystal, with well-groomed blonde hair and sparkling blue eyes. Like her, he is also wearing a crisp white suit. He looks like he could be around my age, seventeen. He's definitely attractive - if you like that sort of thing. He's a bit too clean cut for my taste.

His eyes sweep over Crystal, giving her an irritable look, before settling on me.

I feel him looking me up and down; judging me in the same way that the receptionist did on my entry. I involuntarily squirm underneath his scrutiny.

"I'm sorry," he says, his voice laced with some kind of disdain "We're not taking on any new clients at this time."

He makes a pointed look at the pretty blonde girl behind the counter and then raises an eyebrow at me.

"Yes I get the picture," I say through gritted teeth. "I'm not here to become a client. I'm here to tell you to stop contacting me."

A flicker of surprise runs across Cal's face before his expression becomes stony once more. He glances at the pristine blonde girl questioningly.

"You need to see this Cal," says the receptionist seriously in response.

He furrows his eyebrows and makes his way over to the desk. Then he bends over, reading whatever is written on the computer monitor.

As he does so his eyes darken. For a moment he looks shocked.

Then he gains back his cold composure and looks at me.

"So you're the girl," he says somewhat judgementally "Of all the girls in the world, you're his match. I must admit, you're not what I expected. Now please come with me. We have something very important to discuss. Your very life could be at..."

Crystal coughs and gives him a warning look - as though he has said too much.

He sighs.

"Please come with me Lila Black," he says. "I'll explain everything."

He spins back around and walks through the glass panelled door behind him.

I look at Crystal who gives me a small encouraging nod.

For a moment I consider just walking out.

But what the Hell! I'm curious to know what exactly this guy has to say.

I shrug and make my way towards the door, swing it open and step inside.

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