Chapter 57

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We walk into the diner

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We walk into the diner.

It's empty inside -dimly lit by the street lamps shining through the glass front.

The last time I saw the inside of this place was when I was in the Sim. I think back to the training and the black eyed demons within.

My hands shake slightly and I stuff them into the pockets of my jacket.

I'd managed to fight the fake Arrows, but can I fight a real one?

Cupid shoots me a backwards glance then makes his way through the booths to the door behind the counter. Cal and I follow.

We enter a narrow corridor that smells of damp. There are wooden stairs leading upwards - a murmur of voices comes from above.


Cupid puts a finger to his lips gesturing that we stay quiet, and slowly we creep up the rickety staircase. My heart pounds as the steps creak below my feet.

We emerge into another dank, corridor lit by a flickering bulb hanging from the ceiling. There is one door at the end. The voices here are louder.

Cupid moves forwards.

Despite his size, I notice the lightness and agility in his steps. He stops by the door. Beside me Cal casually unzips his rucksack behind his back - slipping out a black arrow.

Realising my eyes are on him, he casts me a concerned glance - raising his pale eyebrows in question.

I nod.

I'm OK.

He nods sharply and we move towards Cupid. We wait outside the door - trying to listen to what is being said.

"She's told us where it is. I've let the other Arrows know - they'll go collect the Finis - our job is done..." comes an accented male voice behind the door "Let's just dispose of her"

Beside me Cupid tenses up and I notice Cal's grip tighten on the black arrow.

"Yes" comes another voice - sneering and female "But she might be lying. They can't get the Finis now - there'll be too much security. They'll head there at Midnight when there's a shift swap. If it really is where she says it is then we'll kill her. If not - we can ask her some more questions"

Cupid turns to say something to us as the conversation continues. As he does the floorboard beneath him creaks. Silence suddenly falls on the other side of the door.

"There is someone outside" the male accented voice announces "Get Crystal out of here"

Cupid raises his eyebrows at us then barges through the wooden door.

Instantly Cal jumps forwards and throws the arrow like a spear over his brother's shoulder. I hear a grunt and thud as it hits its target.

One down.

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