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Our Story

Our Story

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~MK By Mk1120 Completed

I curled under the jungle gym and cried my eyes out. Suddenly a shadow hovered over me. I looked up saw a boy about my age staring at me with a Unknown expression. He bent down and wiped away my tears with the pad of his thumbs. I immediately stopped crying and looked into his bright Emerald eyes. 
"Why are you crying?" He asked and I looked down. 
"Because I know that'll never make friends here" I said quietly. He was quiet for a minute before finally speaking up. 
"I'll be your friend" he said quietly while looking into my eyes. I smiled a toothy grin. 
"Really!?" I asked and he nodded his head. 
"You'll be mine"


Beautiful cover made by: Freeze_you_out

koolcratz_66 koolcratz_66 4 days ago
Little did the blonde bitch know that crybaby would become on of the hit songs of 2016
Jinx7137 Jinx7137 5 days ago
Everyone has these cool/savage/cute stories and I'm here like "Homeschooled till middle school. Whaaaat?"
ffghhhyhh ffghhhyhh 4 days ago
For some reason my kindergarten teacher wore SUPER low v-neck shirts on the first day of school and she gave all of us a hug. I was so nervous that when she hugged me I threw up on her boobs 😂😂😂
Jinx7137 Jinx7137 5 days ago
Why is it always the blonde ones? Do you popular blonde chicks like being mean? No offense to blondes, I hope. This girl is like six! What happened to first grade being about boys having cooties? WHAT IS SOCIETY?!?!!???!!
...I see one of those scary ass stalker like.. kidnapping person in this kid...
KawaiiNerd14 KawaiiNerd14 4 days ago
When my mom dropped me off on my 1st day, I didn't even hug her goodbye, I just walked out the classroom and went straight to the bathroom and locked myself in there.