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After our talk, we entered the café and sat in a corner both away from prying eyes. An waitress came up to us and quickly took our order before tilting her head and excusing herself.

I looked at Kaden in confusion. "What was that about?"

"What was what about?" He repeated. I rolled my eyes and slapped his chest. He just laughed and was about to say something when we heard our names being called out.

Kaden's friend Brody and his girlfriend Lauren slid into the seats across from us.

Lauren beamed when she saw me and I grinned widely. She was my only friend (besides Kaden) and has been ever since she moved here in the 5th grade.

"Hey Sky!" She yelled excitedly. I raised my eyebrow and shot a questioning look to Brody. He just laughed and shook his head.

"Sorry if she seems a little hyper, she had 4 pancakes with gallons and gallons of syrup" he said and Lauren nodded her head like a crazy woman. Kaden and I laughed. "Anyways, why are you 2 up before noon?"

"Sky's nephew was just born and she wanted to visit him" Kaden said with a roll of his eyes. I slapped his chest and heard laughs from both Brody and Lauren.

"Technically, he's your nephew too" Brody said with a laugh and Kaden stiffened. Lauren coughed and it seemed like Brody realized his mistake. He looked at both of us with wide eyes and seemed to shrink back in his seat.

The whole table became tense and I looked at everyone in confusion.

"Why would my nephew be Kaden's too" I asked and looked back and forth between Brody and Kaden. Both of them looked like they were having a silent conversation. When I looked Lauren she sent me a strained smile.

"What's with them Renny?" I asked, using my nickname for her.

"We'll be right back" Kaden announced before dragging Brody out of his seat. I rolled my eyes and look toward a worried Lauren.

"So what's going on with you?" I asked her and she shrugged. Her cheeks tinted red and I gave her the 'Spill' look. She sighed before showing me her left hand. I looked at it in confusion before my eyes widened in realization.

I squealed

"OMG! You're getting married!" I said and her cheeks tinted red. "WHEN! HOW! WHERE!"

"Brody asked me when you guys were in Big Bear. He took me to the place we had our first date and asked me after dinner. Sky, he was so nervous. I swear he was about to faint" she said and I giggled.

"So your parents are okay with this?" I asked. Even through Brody was Kaden's best friend, he was 2 years older than all of us.

"Yeah but they made him promise that he wouldn't marry me before I graduate" she said and I laughed.

"And how did the infamous Brody Ross take that compromise?" I asked.

"He didn't take it well" she admitted "but my Dad wouldn't budge. If Brody really wanted to marry me, he had to agree to it"

"And he agreed to it?" I asked

"Well, at first he threw a fit, then he kept whining and demanded that my dad changed his mind because he is our Beta..." she stopped and her eyes grew big.

"A what?" I asked confused. What the Hell is a Beta?

Lauren's eyes darkened and in less than a minute Brody was by her side. Kaden came back to the table and shot a glare at Brody. He wrapped his arm around my shoulder and kissed my temple. I blushed.

"Well, it's best we go now. I promised Lauren a day of shopping" Brody groaned.

I laughed.

"Bye Sky" Lauren said after hugging me.

"Bye Renny!"

"Bye Baby Girl" Brody said before giving me a hug. I rolled my eyes at the nickname. He's been calling me that ever since Kaden and I became friends. He said I looked like a baby and since I'm a girl, hence the name Baby Girl.

"Bye Buttercup!" I said. Kaden laughed because he knew why I was calling Brody that. The dude is obsessed with Peanut Buttercups. OBSESSED.

"Don't even start!" Brody warned.

"Why? You call me Baby Girl" I exclaimed.

"That's different, your are Baby Girl. I, on the other hand, am not a Buttercup"he said.

"Yeah Sure. I distinctly remember you wanting to be a human size peanut buttercup when we were little" Kaden said. I giggled and Brody shot Kaden a mean glare.

"Dude! You told her! What happened to Bros before..." He started

"Finish that sentence and there will be hell to pay" I warned. He shut his mouth and basically ran out the door. I smirked and then turned my attention to Kaden. "Now let's go see my nephew!" I said before skipping to his car.



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