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"Welcome Seniors"Our Student Council President exclaimed through the old speakers.

I cringed because you could barely understand what he was saying. The speakers were about a good 40 years old and in dire need of a tune up.

"We have gathered here today because we wanted to discuss something exciting with you"

I rolled my eyes and looked at Kaden.

He had that "Don't talk to me face on" and was scowling at everything.

I nudged him

"What?" he grumbled

"Cheer up" I whispered.

He muttered something under his breath and I raised an eyebrow. "What was that?"

He stiffened "Nothing"

I pinched him and he yelped. A couple of kids gave us funny looks but I just ignored them.

People were just so nosy

I felt a hand on my waist and I looked into the annoyed eyes of Kaden Matthews "Why'd you do that for"

"Because I felt like it" I said before sticking my tongue out like a child.

He chuckled and I felt someone pinch my cheek

I turned around and found a grinning Lauren.

"What are you doing?" I asked and swatted her hands away.

"Pay attention, you two" she said "No one wants to watch you 2 make goggly eyes at each other"

I scoffed "If Brody was here, you'd do it too"

She just laughed

"True but since he's not, I wanna ruin your parade"

This time I stuck my tongue at her.

Kaden just chuckled

"So as I was saying" Our School President said "We want to try something different this year"

I nudged Kaden again "Uh...What did he say?"

Kaden nudged me back "If you were paying attention instead of goofing off.."

I glared at him "I wasn't goofing off"

"Sure.." He drawled out

"I wasn't" I exclaimed "Besides, you were goofing off too"

"That's where your wrong, Princess" he grinned "I am an excellent multitasker"

I rolled my eyes and looked around the gym. Most of the Seniors looked bored and only a handful of them were really paying attention.

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