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Flowertoot By flowertoot Updated Sep 03, 2019

"Who are you ?" His voice demanded his tiny fists clenched slightly. 

Stunned I began to stutter "I-I'm Payne t-he new g-girl" Scared of the boy in front of my I closed my eyes. 

Dread started to fill my body. 

Is he a bully ? My body began to shake in fear as thoughts of me being bullied filled 

A small hand touched my shoulder immediately sparks erupted throughout my body. A small squeak left my mouth as I quickly moved my shoulder away from the source that caused the  sparks. 

Slowly looking up I saw that the boy was looking at me in awe ?  

He gently held my shaking hands into his and smiled at me. 

"I'm Leo do you want to be friends ?" 
A smile slowly took over my face. 



This book will have a lot of swearing and some adult themes. Everything in this book is not really or based on anything in reality life, I just dreamt about it one day 🤷🏽‍♀️