Kaden's POV: CHAPTER 17 Part 1

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I gripped the steering wheel so tight that I was surprised that it didn't snap off.

All I could think about was the fight I had with Sky.

"I love you too Kaden, you're my best-friend"

Those words keep replaying in my mind, over and over.

I hated those words, absolutely hated them.

I hated being just the best-friend

Soon, I had arrived at my destination

I climbed out of my car and ran up the steps before pounding on the door.

"I'm coming!" A sweet voice said.

I heard the clicking of the locks and watched as surprise register across Eva's face.

"Kaden?" She asked in shock "Is that really you?"

I tried to smile but it came out more as a grimace

"It's me"

She hugged me and ushered me inside "What are you doing here?"

I sat on the couch and rubbed my eyes "Sky and I had a fight"

She sat down next to me and raised an eyebrow

"I thought you too weren't together?"

"Not by my choice" I said "Trust me, if could have, I would have claimed Sky when I 1st met her"

"You were 7" she said "Sky would have thought you were weird and would have stayed away from you. Becoming her best-friend was the only real option you could have took"

"And look where that's got me" I said angrily "The girl I love treats me like a brother"

Eva snorted "She does not treat you like a brother"

I glared at her "How would you know? You're an only child"

"I've been around you long enough to know what having a brother feels like" she giggled "And trust me, Sky does not see you as a brother"

I grumbled "Well then why does she treat me like one?"

"She's waiting for something to happen" Eva said and then smacked my head

"OW!!" I yelled "WHAT THE HELL"

She smacked me again "No cursing, it's bad for the baby"

"Then why did you hit me?"

"Because you didn't make a move on Sky"

I stared at her "And that's a bad thing, why?"

1st women tell us to treat them with respect and then they smack us when we don't make a move on them?

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