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My Dad Hates My Alpha Mate

My Dad Hates My Alpha Mate

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Harry_and_Julie By Harry_and_Julie Completed

This is the sequel to "The Alpha Is My Mate".  
My mate."Where do you think you're going?" He asks huskily and then turns me around to face him.I stare down at the ground until he takes my chin in his fingers and gently lifts it up to face him. He leans down and nibbles on my ear. "Come with me." Is all he says before pulling me out of the hallway and into an empty classroom.
Next thing I know I'm being pinned up against a wall. His hot breath fanning my face. He tilts my head to the side and and starts to kiss my neck. His lips move up to my jawline then my lips. I moan into the kiss. His hand starts to travel up my shirt while the other one reaches between my thighs.I push him away gently. He growls at that and tries to kiss me again but I turn away. "What's the matter?" He asks concerned."It's nothing. It's just...I don't even know your name." He backs me up against the wall again and nibbles on me ear. "Cole Tanglewood."

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                              1,2,3 JV!!!
hczirr hczirr Apr 24
Am I the only one who's sad they only had one child together? 😂😂😂😂😂😂
Lonna_Moody Lonna_Moody May 27
Hey my bf plays soccer I've learned literally everything in the first  3 months of dating him
I was talking to a guy friend once and the phone was on speaker and my dad he snatched my phone, hung up, and deleted the contact.
- - Apr 18
Ladies and gentlemen the wonderful dad award goes to mason but hey at least he knows only mates do that so good job
lone_writer lone_writer Aug 20, 2016
You are the best author ever. This is my 6th time reading this book, I can't get enough of it.