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🐾Sky's POV🐾

1 Week Later

2 days after Kaden dropped the Cousin bomb on me, I was finally released from the hospital.

Apparently, my tests came back abnormal and the Doctors decided to keep me under observation.

Now, I'm finally at home relaxing

Well, trying to relax.

Currently I was trying to watch a movie with Kaden but being the overprotective gorilla that he is, he would stop the movie every 30 minutes and ask if I was alright or needed anything.

When he paused the movie for the 50th time, I finally snapped.

"Kaden, I swear if you ask me if I need anything again, I will smother you with this pillow"

He smiled sheepishly "I was just trying to be a good boyfriend"

My heart melted a little "I know your are" I said softly before running my fingers through his hair "But you're driving me insane"

He leaned into my touch "I'm sorry. I know it seems like I'm overreacting but I feel like something might happen to you if I don't take care of you"

My expression softened "Kady, nothing's going to happen to me"

"I know it's just..." He started

At that particular moment, my phone decided to ring.

I checked my phone and then smiled

"Who is it?"

I quickly typed in a text and then put my phone away in my pocket "No One"

Kaden narrowed his eyes "Sky" he warned

"It's no one!" I said but then giggled when he started tickling me

"Tell me" he warned again

"NO!!" I squealed when he started tickling my sides

"Tell me" he asked again

"Okay! Okay!" I snickered "Here, I give up!"

I threw my phone at him and he smiled smugly at me.

He opened my phone, read my text messages, and then rolled his eyes "I don't understand why girls talk in emoji's"

"Because we have boyfriends that don't know when to mind their own business" I stuck my tongue out at him.

He rolled his eyes again "What are you? 6?"

"What are you? 6?" I mimicked, trying to divert his attention away from Lauren's text.

What Kaden didn't realize was that I was planning him a party and being the genius that I am, I asked Lauren to only text emoji's because Kaden really didn't use them a lot and he wouldn't know what they would mean.

Renny🤓: 👍🏼👉🏼🐶🐾🎉🎁🎊

Me: 👍🏼😍😍😎

I put my phone back in my pocket and then began to poke Kaden.

"Kady..." I whined

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