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🐾Sky's POV🐾

As we were in Kaden's car, I started firing questions at him.

"How'd you leave so fast this Morning? What's the surprise? When are you going to tell me what a Mate is?"

"Woah" he laughed "I'm a Werewolf baby, I have super speed. I'll tell you what a Mate is when we get to my house, AND, You have to wait for your Surprise. That's why it's called a Surprise"

"I love surprises, I just hate waiting for them" I grumbled.

We arrived at his house in no time

I skipped to his door and he unlocked it.

As soon as we were inside, our mouths dropped opened.

"I'm sick of your perverted comments!!" A pretty dark haired girl yelled while shaking her fist at a smirking Greyson "I came here to finish my project with your brother! I can't do that if you're bugging us 24/7!! Leave me alone and go hang out with your bimbos!"

She paused, breathing heavily, and turned when she saw she had a audience.

Her Blue eyes widened and she slapped a hand over her mouth "I apologize for my rude behavior. I'll...just be going" she whispered before walking in our direction at the door, her face cherry red.

Greyson caught her wrist "You're not going anywhere"

What came next happened in slow motion, just like when I kneed Christian.

The girl must not have liked Greyson touching her because she punched him in the face.

"Ouch!!" They both yelled at the same time.

Tears gather in her eyes as she shook out her hand.

Eva was the first person to snap out of shock "Gabe, get ice for these two!!"

I was still in shock because A) the girl punched Greyson and B) all the Greens were here.

This must have been Kaden's surprise.

Gabriel brought the ice packs and passed one to Eva before throwing the other one to Greyson.

Eva walked slowing towards the girl "Hi, sweetie. Here's some ice. Those hard heads can really do some damage"

The girl cracked a smile

"What's your name sweetie? I've seen you studying with Garrett before?"

"Rosabella Carson" she mumbled while rubbing her swollen hand

"Pretty name" Eva commented

Rosabella snorted "Glad you think so"

Eva raised an eyebrow but didn't say anything

"Gabriel, I think her hand might be fractured"

Gabriel stepped forward and gently took Rosabella's hand in his.

She winced and Greyson let out a growl "You're hurting her"

"Grey, I need to see if it's broken or fractured" Gabriel said softly

"I'll do it" Greyson said through clenched teeth

"Considering that she just punched you in the face, I really don't think that's an option right now"

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