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🐾Sky's POV🐾

Brody drove for a short while before we came to a stop. I looked up through my tear filled eyes and noticed that we were at Lauren's house.

I gave Brody a questioning look

"I texted her when we were at the stop light" he admitted.

I tried to laugh but it quickly turned into a sob.

Brody gave me a panicked look before ushering out of the car and up Lauren's front porch. Before I even raised my hand to knock, the door opened and Lauren came out carrying 2 tubes of Coffee Ice Cream. She gave me a look that made me sob even more.

We said our goodbyes to Brody and soon as she locked the door, I broke down again.

I told her everything and she let me, rubbing my back in a soothing motion as I explained what happened with me and Kaden.

"He's never left me alone before Renny" I sniffled

"Technically he didn't leave you alone Sky" she said as she handed me another tissue. I thanked her before she could continue.

"Lauren, how many times has Kaden not been by my side?" I asked and she stayed quiet. "Exactly, Kaden trusts and loves Brody like a brother but not once has he let him take me home, unless there was an absolute emergency"

"Maybe he needed time to cool off?" Lauren suggested "Maybe he wanted to leave before both of you said something you might regret?"

"Maybe" I said, still not entirely convinced.

"Well, whatever Kaden did, he must have did it for a reason" she said and tears leaked down my cheeks again.

"That's the exact thing Brody said to me"

She smiled "Great minds think alike, I guess"

I laughed

"Now," She said "Are we gonna sit here all night moping around or are we gonna eat this delicious Ice Cream and watch Channing Tatum dance around?"

This time when I laughed, my heart hurt a little less.


When I woke up, the movie credits were rolling and blankets were draped over both Lauren and I. When I looked at my phone, it had 3 new messages.

My heart pounded as I opened my inbox.

I was half dissapointed and half relieved when the messages were just from my mother and brother.

Woman Who Gave Me Life: Hope you have a good time at Lauren's Honey. Don't study too hard and go to bed at a resonable time- Love Mommy and Daddy!!

Lauren must have called my parents and let them know where I was.

Big Bro: U ok Sis?

Big Bro: Call me if you need anything,okay Skylar?

I typed in a quick reply before my phone died. I knew that Lauren's Mom kept an extra charger in the kitchen, so using my ninja moves, I quietly tipped toed into where the charger was.

Once I was in the kitchen, I looked at the time on the stove and nearly died of a heart attack.

3 in the morning?

Why was I even up?

I normally slept through the night without waking up at all, so why was different?

Then my mind went back to the fight with Kaden and my heart sank into my stomach. That's why I couldn't sleep through the night this time.

Suddenly a major migraine came on and I grabbed the Tylenol out of the cupboard. After I swallowed the pills I looked out of the kitchen windows and nearly screamed out loud.

Bright Green eyes were watching my ever move. I couldn't look away, those eyes had me terrified.

When I took a step to the right, the eyes would follow me.

If I took a step to the left, the eyes would follow me.  

I couldn't tell what type of animal it was because it was pitch black but, from what I can tell from the eyes, it was HUGE!!

It took a step closer and the motion lights in the backyard came on.

This time, I did Scream.

The green eyes belonged to this GIGANTIC WOLF and this wasn't the type of Wolf you see at the Zoo. Oh, No. This Wolf was the size of a Horse.

I heard footsteps on the stairs but I couldn't take my eyes of the Wolf. It was looking at me too, it had an almost desperate look. The same look Kaden gave me this afternoon.

My mind flashed back to Kaden but I pushed the thought to the back of my brain.

Right now I had bigger problems to deal with, like a Horse size man-eating Wolf.

I looked back as the kitchen door opened and in ran Lauren and her Parents, each holding a weapon.

I almost laughed at their weapon choices.


Lauren had a baseball bat, her mom had a rifle, and her dad had a stiletto heel.

When I looked back at the window, the wolf was gone.

"What happened sweetie?" Lauren's Mom said as she put the gun down.

I pointed toward the window, unable to form coherent sentences.

Lauren's Dad unlocked the door and checked outside. I nearly screeched in protest and blocked his path.

"DO NOT GO OUTSIDE!!!!"  I screamed

"Why?" Lauren asked

"Gigantic Wolf!" I said before I passed out, the nerves finally getting to me.







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