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🐾Sky's POV🐾

"So you two going out now?"

I looked over at Chris and smiled.


"But aren't you two friends?" He said and the smile slipped slightly from my face.

What Was this?

20 Questions?


"Isn't that weird?'

"What's weird?" I asked

"That you're dating your best-friend"

"Why would that be weird?" My tone was beginning to show my irritation.

"It's weird because he knows everything about you" he said in a matter-of-fact tone "Relationships are about growth and getting to know each other. You two can't grow if you already know everything about each other. You're gonna ruin your relationship as friends once you get bored of each other"

I snorted "Who are you? Dr.Phil"

He held his hands up in surrender "I'm just looking out for you"

"Really?" I snapped "Well right now it seems like you're giving me an unwanted opinion. Sorry Chris but I don't know you well enough to really care what you think about my relationship"

He shut his mouth and nodded his head before facing the board.

I immediately felt guilty. "I'm Sorry Christian"

He acknowledged what I was saying with a head nod

"I'm really sorry, it's just that this is the happiest I've been in a long time and I really don't want anyone to spoil it"

"I understand" I sighed right before the classroom's intercom beeped

"ATTENTION ALL SENIORS! PLEASE REPORT TO THE GYM FOR A MANDATORY MEETING" Everyone cheered and my Calculus teacher glared at the intercom.

I grabbed my backpack and was getting ready to leave when a hand grabbed my elbow. I immediately gave Chris a questioning look.

"You still owe me that tour around school" he smiled a little "maybe you can show me where the gym is?"

"No one showed you around that day?" I said incredulously. I would have thought that after Kaden and I's fight, he would have forgot about me and taken up the offer of some of the other girls.

"Someone did but she kept getting flustered around me and we went in circles instead of actually touring the school. Besides, my mind was occupied with someone else" He sent me a pointed look and I felt my cheeks burn.

"You barely knew me?"

"I knew enough" he said with a shrug "Plus, some guy was roughly pulling your arm and I couldn't help but worry about your safety"

"That guy was my best-friend" I reminded him

"How was I suppose to know that? I was new remember?" he teased and I laughed. We were half way down the hall when an arm caught me around the waist.

I tilted my head and was met with the angry eyes of my boyfriend

I shivered

My Boyfriend

He was my best-friend before and now he was my boyfriend.

Could life get any better?

"I thought I told you to wait for me" he said and I frowned. Why does everyone have to burst my bubble?

"You told me to wait for you before I go to my next class"

"Sky," He frowned "I meant wait for me no matter what"

"But what if their's a fire?" I asked.

He gave me a pointed look "Or what if we have a Zombie Apocalypse and you get eaten by Zombies?"

"If there's a fire, stop,drop, and roll your behind out of this school" he grinned "and if a Zombie Apocalypse actually occurs, it's gonna take a lot more than brain eating monsters from getting to you baby!" he sang and I punched his shoulder.

A throat cleared and Kaden's grinned dropped.

Instead it was replaced by a scowl

"Why do you keep popping up everywhere?"

"Kaden," I warned "Be nice"

"It's okay Sky" Chris said before doing something surprising.

He grabbed my hand and pulled me away from Kaden before hugging me. I was totally shocked and I think Kaden was too.

Chris let go and smiled at my stunned reaction "I'll see you later Sky. Don't forget our tour of the school you promised me" he said, looking directly at Kaden when he said it.

"I..." I started to say before a hand wrapped around my mouth, stalling my words

"Don't worry we won't!" Kaden said smugly.

Chris's smiled dropped suddenly but then he smirked "Bye Karl"

"Bye.. Wait what's your name again?"

I gasped "Kaden!"

"What?" Kaden asked innocently "I really don't know this creeps name"

I gasped again and Kaden had the decency to look slightly apologetic

"Sorry man, I didn't mean creep, I meant stalker" he coughed "I mean.. Oh who are we kidding, I meant what I said"

Chris just walked away

When he rounded the corner, I hit Kaden with all my might

"Why'd you do that?"

"Do what?"

"Why were you rude to him?"

"Was I?"

"Kaden," I warned "My patience is wearing thin and I had to stand here and watch two idiots fight like little girls"

He sighed and put his arms around me before kissing my lips gently

"I'm sorry you had to see that Sky, but I couldn't back down. It's not in my nature to go down without a fight"

I smiled and then buried my face in his chest "Why because you're a Possessive Psycho Gorilla?"

He laughed "You have no idea"

I sighed "Come on, or else we're gonna be late to the assembly"

I grabbed his hand to start walking but he didn't even move an inch. When I looked back, he was staring at me seriously.

"What?" I asked him quizzically

He came closer and gave me a passionate kiss. I was breathless by the time we pulled apart.

Kaden leaned his forehead on mine "The next time he decides to touch you or take you away from me, I'll break every bone in his body" he whispered and my breath caught.

I looked up into his eyes and noticed they were a dark Emerald color. Not the sparkling Emerald that I'm use too.

I just nodded

There really wasn't anything I could say

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