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🐾Kaden's POV🐾


Sky's soft snore brought a smile to my face. My wolf was purring at the fact that his mate was seeking him out for comfort.

I looked around the bus and found the new kid looking at us

Or specifically, Sky

A growl started in my throat but I caught it before anyone heard it.

I glared at him, hoping that my glare would make him disappear.

Sadly, it didn't

I brought Sky closer to me and laid her head against my chest. It was great finally being able to hold her like I want to, like my wolf needs to.

I kissed her forehead and watched as the trees began blurring.

I knew where we were going, I've been there a thousand times and know the place like the back of my hand.

It's special to us wolves because it holds the sacred place only mates are allowed to enter.

The Lagoon

When we find our mates, we go through  The Ceremony in which our souls bind together. Being the next Alpha, I have to accompany my father and mother to these ceremonies in order to initiate the mated couples.

It was kind of weird but these are the things I have to learn in order to take over.

"Kaden" Sky mumbled in her sleep.

I grinned, because it was exciting knowing that she thought of me, even in her dreams.

I kissed her forehead and heard a low growl

My head snapped up

Carl, Christian, whatever his name was, was sending me death glares.

I glared right back and held Sky closer to me, making sure that she was covered in my scent. She's wouldn't carry my mark until after we have completed The Ceremony, so I had to make sure that everyone knew she was mine.

Werewolf or Not

"Brody?" I said through the Warrior Bond

"Yes Kaden?"

"I need you to do me a favor"

"Anything Boss" he said "Are you okay? Is Lauren Okay?"

I felt his anxiety, he was worried for his mate.

"She's fine. Listen, I need you to run a background check on the new family that moved into town. I need to know everything about them because somethings fishy"

"Is this the family who's son tried convince Sky you weren't good enough for her?"

I growled loudly this time, I couldn't help it.

Sky whimpered and snuggled closer to me, her proximity helped calm down my wolf.

Sky was mine for a reason and no one, especially not some losers, is going to take her away from me.

He has a better chance making pigs fly or hell freezing over before taking her away from me.

That thought had my wolf snarling.

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