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The ride home was silent.

The only noise was the radio playing in the background.

Soon, we were back at the Green's house. Kaden opened my door and then took the groceries out of my hand.

"Kaden, are you okay?" I asked him gently. His face was impassive but his cold eyes softened.

"Yes, just a little upset" he said stiffly. I nodded and then grabbed the hand that wasn't holding groceries. I squeezed Kaden's hand reassuringly. He smiled at me.

"We're Back!" Kaden yelled and I heard a squeal. Eva came bounding around the corner with her hands out like a child.

"Gimme Gimme Gimme!" She exclaimed. I giggled and Kaden rolled his eyes.

"Here Princess" he said and handed her the bag.

"Thanks Denny!" She yelled before running toward the kitchen. I choked on a laugh.

"Denny?" I asked and he groaned.

"Don't even start!" He said and I put my hands up in defense.

"Okay, but where did she come up with that?" I asked.

"When the twins were 1 they couldn't pronounce my name. So one day when they were playing on the floor with my parents a Denny's commercial came on and it seem to stick with them. The next day, they started  calling me Denny. We were visiting Eva and Gabriel when they started babbling my nickname around like crazy" he explained and I laughed.

"That is priceless!" I laughed.

"Yeah, yeah. Laugh it up missy" he huffed before walking into the kitchen. I followed him and then stopped when I saw Gabriel getting whacked in the head by a short Spanish woman with a wooden spoon in her hand while Eva was sitting on a chair eating a salad with the ingredients we bought.

Kaden was hunched over laughing his brains out and my mouth was hanging open in shock. The scene was hilarious but I was just too shock to enjoy it. I looked toward Eva and noticed that she too was enjoying the show. Kaden was on the floor crying now. His face was red and tears were streaming down his face. Gabriel was huddled in the corner whimpering while the woman was still whacking him in the head.

"Eva?" I asked.

"Yeah?" She answered mid bite.

"Aren't you gonna do something? I mean that woman is practically abusing your husband"

"That woman is Gabriel's mother and you can't really stop her when she gets on a roll. You just have to let it happen" she explained and I nodded my head before turning my attention to the scene. Gabriel's Mom whacked him in the forehead one last time before turning her attention to Eva. When she saw me, she smiled.

"Hi Sweetie, I'm Gabriel's Mother but you can call me Jennifer. You must be Kaden's girlfriend" she said and my face instantly became red. I heard Kaden stop laughing and he was soon by my side. His tears were dried up but his face was still a little red. He put his arm around my shoulders and beamed proudly. I looked at him weirdly. 

"No Mrs. Green, I'm Kaden's Best Friend Skylar" I said kindly. She looked at me weirdly before giving Kaden a questioning look.

"But I thought?...." she started to say but then Kaden cut her off quickly.

"Eva! When's Dinner ready?" Kaden asked loudly. She looked at her watch and jumped out of her seat quickly.

"OH MY! The chicken's almost done" Eva shooed everyone out of the kitchen. Gabriel was rubbing his head while mumbling curses.

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