My Brother My Mate

My Brother My Mate

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Werewolf Lover By Writer016 Completed

"I set a alarm for a twelve o'clock so I could be the first one tell you happy birthday... happy birthday." 

I'm seventeen now. I turned the complete opposite direction from James, avoiding any eye contact or touch.

"You knew." His sounded like a country love song in my ears. Everything's different. The smell of Cinnamon and Chocolate chip cookies fill my nose. 

My wolf already knows, and she's scratching at my insides to get to him, but I want cement to cover my feet and hold here, forever. "Yes, I did, Victor told me." I shut my eyes really tight as his aroma got stronger, telling me he's walking toward me. I want to keep walking, but I know that in one step my feet will betray me. "I don't want, this, James... I don't want it."

*This book does has some sexual content, you've been warned*

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-Lia-a -Lia-a Oct 15, 2017
Um thts weird, so technically her mate is her step brother, thts a little messed up
Girl I've herd of worse 😂! And plus they aren't related by blood sooo ... I geuse it's ok
map_of_misfits_ map_of_misfits_ Aug 05, 2016
I thought it said, "I won't let him to continue to slay." I was like 😂
fearedpAris fearedpAris Sep 20, 2016
When you're older than the main character but they are getting more action than you ever will in your entire life time.....
larkezia larkezia Sep 10, 2016
When I read the cover I was like her brother but I decided to look and make sure so they're not blood related😤😥
- - Aug 13, 2016
idk if i should waste my time reading this because there are already so many grammar mistakes that are pissing me off and it's not even chapter 1