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🐾Sky's POV🐾

A week after my nephew was born, Thanksgiving vacation was officially over.


Yeah, I know.

Soon, I was walking down the hallway with Kaden. Like usual, the girls were glaring at me while the guys avoided absolutely any eye contact.

I had no idea why, but ever since we started high school, it's just been like that.

"Okay" Kaden said as we stopped at my locker. I grabbed my Calculus book and looked at him. "When class ends, stay there until I come and get you"

I rolled my eyes

"I know the drill Kaden" I said. Calculus was the only class I didn't share with Kaden.

In 11th grade, Kaden decided to take Calculus to get it over with. Since I suck at math and Lauren convinced me to do Yearbook, I decided to wait until my Senior year to take Calculus.


When we got our schedules at the beginning of the school year, he tried to change his to match mine but the office administrators said he can't repeat Calculus and instead has to take AP Calculus. And since I need another math credit in order to graduate, it brings us back to our current predicament.

"I mean it Sky, no leaving without me" he warned.

I scoffed. "What am I 5? I can understand English Kaden" I deepened my voice "Sky, Stay and be a good girl until your master comes and gets you. And in case you don't know who that is, it's me. Don't leave until Master Kaden gets you"

Kaden rolled his eyes and tried to glare at me but his lips twitched.

The bell rang

"I mean it Sky, DO NOT LEAVE THIS CLASSROOM" He warned again.

I stuck my out tongue at him. "Bite me"

Kaden grinned wickedly before pushing me against the wall outside my class. My breath hitched and my heart started pounding.

What is he doing?

"That" he whispered in my ear before nipping at my neck. I yelped and felt his lips curving into a grin "Is very tempting, especially after what you did to me the other night. Don't think I haven't forgotten about that my little Firecracker" he nipped at my neck again, this time a little harder before someone cleared their throat from behind us.

We both turned and looked at my Calculus teacher giving us the stink eye.

"Mr. Matthews, I think it is time for you to stop bugging Ms. O'Connor." He said before pointing to the left "And I believe your class is that way"

"Yes, Sir" Kaden said before winking and gently pushing me in my classroom. 

"Teenagers these days" my Calculus teacher muttered before closing the door and starting his lesson.


Midway through my Calculus lesson, a knock sounded on the classroom door. The kids that weren't sleeping perked up and the kids that were sleeping, continued to snore.

It wasn't often that we got visitors.

"Come in!" My calculus teacher grumbled.

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