Kaden's POV: CHAPTER 10 & 11

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I was awake the minute she turned in my arms.

I laid still as I felt her feather like touches on my face

She touched my jaw, then my lips, and finally my eyebrows.

Then her fingers went back to my lips.

When I couldn't handle those excruciating tingles anymore, I nipped at her fingers.

She gasped and I watched as her face turned beet red

So Cute

"You can't put fingers in my face and expect me not to bite them" I said groggily.

She said nothing and instead slapped my chest.

"You were up, You Jerk!"

"Baby, I was up the moment you rolled over in my arms" I said cockily.

Her blush deepened ever more.

"So since you're up, let's go to the hospital!" she said excitedly and I groaned.

"Babe, the little twerp will still be there even if we arrive late"

She gave me a mean glare.

"Kaden, that is my nephew were talking about and if you don't get a move on it, I will never talk to you again!" She threatened.


She could never not talk to me and we both know it too.

I felt my eyes darkened as a  scowl appeared on my face "You're such a liar"

She huffed and rolled her eyes.

"Can we at least get breakfast first?" I asked and she took a moment to think about it

"Fine" she said with a sigh.

I grinned and kissed her cheek, close to where her mouth was, on purpose.

Then with a satisfied smile, I watched her blush turn the color of a fire truck

"Thanks Babe!" I said before going to the bathroom, whistling a toon.


Soon we were in a car driving to the local café

I was driving through town admiring  the scenery when Sky started asking me weird questions.

"Kaden?" She asked timidly

"Hm?" I said as I drank some water.

"What happens when you get a girlfriend?" She asked and I started choking.

She really caught me off guard.

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