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🐾Sky's POV🐾

"Sky" a gruff voice whined "Don't be like this, I'm said I'm sorry"

I glared at him but said nothing. I was giving him the silent treatment after his little fight. Both of those two idiots were banned from doing anything fun while we were here.They had earlier curfews than the rest of us and must always check in with a teacher before they go anywhere.

I wasn't mad because he fought Christian. Oh no, I was mad because the Idiot didn't seem to consider the consequences of his actions.

He basically doomed me too.

I couldn't hang out with my boyfriend because of his stupidity.

I stomped towards the rest of the group, ignoring his pleads.

"Okay Everyone!!" Ms. Kyle yelled "We're going to split into groups and these Lovely forest Rangers are going to give us a brief little history lesson"

I looked behind Ms.Kyle and there were 5 men standing there, patiently waiting for her to finish.

"When I call your name get with your group. Remember Seniors, if you whine or complain about your group, you receive a F in classwork assignments. We might be out of school but, we still have the power to grade you outside the classroom"

A few people grumbled but other than that, everyone was relatively quiet.

I felt Kaden's presence a few feet behind me.

He wouldn't dare come closer because he knew I was upset and wouldn't be afraid to knee his baby makers in front of everyone.

Ms. Kyle divided us into groups and I noticed that she separated Kaden, Lauren, and I.

Kaden was going to argue with her decision when I shot him a glare. At this point, he couldn't really afford to argue with anyone, especially the teachers.

I turned back to my group and noticed that most of them where in my Economics class. I blew out a breath. They were friendly enough but I really didn't associate with anyone besides Kaden and Lauren.

Don't get me wrong, I wasn't Antisocial or anything but I learned early on that you can only trust a handful of people. The fact that most girls used me to get to Kaden only reinforced the lesson of All for One and One for All.

There was a very short list of people who I trusted and sadly, none of these people were on the list.

"Okay!" Ms. Kyle Exclaimed "Now that I split you into 5 groups, the tour can begin!"

One of the 5 Rangers came up to our group and offered us a friendly smile. He was an older gentleman, with slightly graying hair, and warm brown eyes.

He immediately reminded me of my dad.

"Hey Kiddos, My name's Bryan and I will be teaching you a little bit about the Lupine Woods rich history"

"I thought this was the Caynine Woods?" Jared, the class clown asked.

"Caynine Woods is the new name that the state decided to name it" Bryan said "Orignially, these woods were called the Lupine woods because of all the wolves lurking around"

"Wolves" a girl asked frightened

"Don't worry" Bryan reassured us quickly "this is their off season. They normally don't come around until the summer"

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