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🐾Sky's POV🐾

I ran until my lungs started burning

"MS. KYLE!! MS. KYLE!!" I yelled

"Don't run" Mr. Martin snapped from his seat "You'll hurt yourself"

"Mr. Martin" I gasped out of breath "Come quickly"

"What is it?" He asked moodily "if it's a girl problem, Ms. Kyle won't be back for another 30 minutes"

"NO, NO!" I said urgently "Kaden and Chris, are in the woods fighting with each other"

Mr. Martin cursed and that made me look at him in surprise.

He was always so calm and collected and if I was honest, I always thought that teachers were the type of people that never said bad words.

"Show me the way Ms. O' Conner" he said and I started speed walking back to where Kaden and Chris were.

"I swear, if it wasn't for his father..." I heard Mr. Martin grumble from behind me.

I let it go because I was antsy to see if Kaden's alright

When I finally got back to the place where I left Kaden, I was shocked to see that no one was there.

"Ms. O' Conner, if you think this is some kind of game..."

I cut him off "I swear Mr. Martin, they were here brawling with each other"

"Well, I don't see them"

"They were here!" I pleaded with him to believe me "I swear on my life"

Mr. Martin's cold eyes softened a fraction, which gave me a sliver of hope.

"I believe you Ms. O' Conner. Let's go back to camp and talk to the other teachers. We need to find those boys before they end up killing each other"

Fear Prickled my spine

Although Chris said that Kaden was a killer, I knew that wasn't true. If anything, Chris was the crazy psycho killer.

As we were returning back to camp, I noticed that a tree had blood on it.

And with that, I broke down in tears.



We got back to camp and all the teachers rushed towards us.

Mr. Martin took them aside and started explaining what happened. A few kids were lingering around and giving me weird looks.

Guess the scavenger hunt was over.

Ms. Kyle rushed over and brought me into the park rangers office.

"Skylar, sweetie" she cooed "What Happened?"

"I started the scavenger hunt like we were supposed to when Chris came" she stopped me

"What was Christian doing there?" she said

I stared at her in confusion "He was my partner"

She shook her head "I paired you up with Mr. Matthews. Mr. Hunt was supposed to be paired with Mr. Howard"

"JARED!! HE WAS PAIRED WITH JARED!" I stated incrediously

"I don't know why he lied to you but I was looking for him once Mr. Howard came whining to me about how difficult it was to do the scavenger hunt on his own"

She paused and looked at me kindly

"I understand that you told Mr. Martin on your way back to camp that they were fighting because of what Christian did?" she asked

I nodded my head

"What did he do?"

"He kissed me" I said in disgust

"Without your consent, I presume" she said and I nodded my head again. "And I'm guessing Kaden saw?"

"He saved me" I said angrily "Kaden saved me from that psycho"

"Ahh" Ms. Kyle said knowingly "I'm guessing that Mr. Matthews is your boyfriend and when he saw you being hurt, he went into protective mode"

Mr. Martin walked in

"Any luck Jack?" Ms. Kyle asked

"We found Chrisitan about a mile out. He's in the infirmary getting his ribs fixed. His whole body is black and blue and his right arm is dislocated" Mr. Martin said in a bored tone "Kaden Matthews is still out there"

I gasped "You haven't found him?"

He shook his head

"But its night time, he could be hurt and in trouble for all we know"

Mr. Martin snorted quietly but said nothing

"What if he doesn't come back?"

Everyone was quiet

"Trust me Ms. O' Conner, we will find Mr. Matthews. He can't stay away forever"

He looked at Ms. Kyle "Tell everyone to pack. Once we find Mr. Matthews, we're leaving"

At that exact moment, Jared ran in.

He was panting and he had dirt smudge on his face.

"We found him"


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"Skylar, I need to tell you something..." Kaden said, his mood turning serious

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