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Have you ever had that one day where you're laying in bed and just don't want to get up. It's like your mind is urging you to get up but your body is refusing.

Well, I'm having one of those days

My nephew was up late last night crying his eyes out and since my brother's room is right next to mine, I heard it all. He wouldn't stop. It was so bad that I ordered sound proof head phones. I should have those baby's by the time I come back from the camping trip. If not, then I guess I'm moving out because there's no way I can deal with Aiden's crying again. I love him but even I have my limits.

"Skylar! Kaden's here!" Mom yelled

Now Normally, if she would say that, I would be excited to see him. But today, I just wanted him to go away.

"Sky?" A deep voice said. I groaned and pulled my blankets over my head.

"Go away" I mumbled

He tried to pull back the blankets but I held on strong "What's wrong Baby?"

I sighed "Aiden was crying nonstop. That kid has lungs of steel. I'm 100% sure that he could be a heavy metal singer when he grows up"

He chuckled and tugged at my blankets again, I held on tighter.

"Stop tugging, I want to be in darkness"

He chuckled again before successfully pulling my blankets away.

I pouted

"Hey beautiful" he said before kissing my nose. That brought a tiny smile to my face, not gonna lie.

"Hi" I said shyly

"Why do you want to be in the dark?"

"Because I'm tired, have bags under my eyes, and really don't want you to see me like this" I pouted again "Maybe I'm turning into a vampire?"

"You're not" Kaden said with a chuckle

"How would you know huh?" I held out my hand "Look I'm sparkling"

"That's craft glitter Sky" he flicked it off "See? No Vampirism for you"

I grumbled  "Okay, since I'm not turning into Vampire, maybe I'm turning into a...Werewolf" I giggled

Kaden stiffened.

He resembled a rock, that's how tense he was.

"What?" I said with a laugh "Why aren't you laughing, it's not like Werewolves are real"

Kaden just looked at me and I immediately lost my smile "Kaden, are you alright?"

He nodded his head slowly

"Was it something I said?" I asked cautiously before sitting up in the bed.

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