45- Epilogue

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🐾Sky's POV🐾

10 Years Later

The door creaked open and I heard the voices of my two favorite men.

"Dwaddy, are we going to wake up Mwommy?"

"Yes buddy"

I felt the bed shift before little hands grabbed my face "Mwama, Wake up"

I yawned dramatically before rolling over and squishing my son.

He squealed

"Dwaddy HELP!! Mwama's squishing me!!!"

Kaden laughed before pulling out our son from underneath me.

I pouted but then smiled when Kaden gave me a kiss "Good Morning Mommy"

Tristan mimicked his father "Morning Mwama"

I kissed his forehead "Good morning baby Boy"

He giggled and hid behind his father's broad shoulders.

I couldn't help but stare in Awe at my 2 loves.

It was scary how much Tristan and Kaden looked exactly alike, they even shared the same shade of Emerald green eyes.

"Come on Mwama, Kenny's birthday party is starting!"

I laughed "Baby, McKenna's Party doesn't start until 1:30"

He frowned "And what time is it now?"

"11:30 buddy" Kaden replied

Tristan's frown deepened "So, no cake yet?"

Kaden and I Laughed "No buddy, no cake yet"

He pouted

"Hey buddy, why don't you and I make your Mama some breakfast? By the time we finish, it should be time to go to Uncle Gabe's house" Kaden asked

Tristan beamed and ran downstairs

"BE CAREFUL TRISTAN NICOLAS MATTHEWS!!" I yelled, nervous for my klutzy son after I heard something crash.

He might have looked exactly like Kaden but he had my horrible equilibrium.

"He'll be fine" Kaden reassured me "He's a Wolf remember"

I sighed and leaned on him "I know, it's just that's he my baby and I worry about him"

Kaden grinned "I told you we would have a son" he said randomly

I scoffed and pushed him off the bed.

Unfortunately, he brought me down with him

"Oomph" I grunted as I landed on top of him.

He laughed "This feels like Deja Vu"

I rolled my eyes "Yeah, it's Deja Vu alright. All we need now is a house full of your family and you holding me hostage"

He laughed and was about to say something when our son came running into our room.

"Dwaddy, let's go!!" He paused when he saw us on the floor "Stop playing with Mwama and come downstairs with me"

I giggled

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