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Kaden drove us to the hospital and the whole way there we were both quiet.

I kept replaying his words over and over in my head.

"Sky?" He asked breaking me out of my trance.


"You were zoning out Sky" he said with an amused smirk. "We're here by the way"

I scowled at him before climbing out of his car and heading in the hospital.

I swear I could hear him laughing behind me.

I quickly raced to the elevators before hitting the Close Doors buttons. The doors were just about to close when a familiar black combat appeared in the opening.

I groaned.

"Too slow babe!" Kaden said. I cursed at him but he just laughed. "I think I should wash that pretty little mouth out with soap from all the cursing you're doing" the doors opened and I flipped him off.

I went to the room I visited last night and sure enough, I saw my older brother rocking a small little bundle in his arms. Reagan was sleeping and my parents where no where in sight.

"Knock Knock!" I said in a loud whisper. John looked up and smiled at me before gesturing for us to coming in. I immediately went up to him and kissed baby Aiden's head.

He blinked at me curiously before his big round eyes went to Kaden, who was standing behind me.

"How's he doing?" I asked John and he beamed proudly at his son.

"Great, Doctors say that he'll get to come home tomorrow"

"That's awesome John! How's Reagan doing?" I asked in concern. Reagan was my sister-in-law and despite what society tells you, their not evil conniving witches. (Well not all of them are)

"She's fine, just exhausted. This little guy weighed 9 pounds!" John said in awe and I giggled.

"So where's Mom and Dad?" I asked "I would have thought Mom would have been hogging Aiden by now"

"Oh trust me she was. Dad forced her to go home and take a nap, she started hallucinating about unicorns floating around" he laughed. I snickered and Kaden's shoulders were shaking quietly and uncontrollably. He was being considerate for Reagan's sake.

"I think her hippie days finally caught up with her" I said before laughing uncontrollably again.

"Can't a girl get her rest? Geez you'd think that pushing a 9 pound kid out of her would earn someone a little respect" an amused voice said. John jumped up, handed me Aiden, and went over to his wife and kissed her senseless.

I on the other hand didn't mind one bit because I got to hold this adorable little creature in my arms.

"Isn't he cute Kady!" I giggled. Arms wrapped around my waist and I felt a chin on top of my head.

"Yeah, I guess the little monster is kind of adorable" he said and then paused. "Although, I don't like him stealing all your attention. That's my job"

I rolled my eyes before kicking him on the shin.

He groaned and I laughed.

Baby Aiden just giggled.

"So when are you 2 gonna get married and have kids?" Reagan joked.

John, Kaden, and I just shouted "What!" At the same time.  

She just rolled her eyes and held her hands out for her son.

I pouted but ultimately obliged.

"What I mean is that, when are you 2 finally gonna get together. It's only obvious that you like each other!" She stated matter-o-factly.

I felt Kaden grin while John shot him dirty looks.

"Is there something going on that I should know about?" He asked Kaden and I.

My eyes widened and I shook my head.

"Actually..." Kaden opened his mouth but I quickly stomped on his foot and covered his mouth with my hands.

"NOTHING!" I screeched "WE BEST BE GOING NOW!" I kissed everyone's cheek before hightailing it out of the room with Kaden at my heels.

When we were in the safety of his truck , I slapped his hard chest.

"Are you out of your God Damn Mind!!"

"What do you mean?" He asked before starting the car.

"What do I mean?" I asked incredulously "What I mean is how you were going to tell my brother about a relationship that is non-Existent!"

"Yet" was all he said.

I groaned.

This boy was going to be the death of me


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