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Hey Guys!!!

I just wanted to let the winners of my little contest (that was on my profile page) know that I am trying to private message you but for some reason, Wattpad is not letting me. If you could try to email me or Private message me that will be greatly appreciated!!!

Here is what I was trying to send:

Hello my Readers,

Before I send you the two chapters that I promised you, I wanted to know if you preferred I sent it to you through the Wattpad private message or email. Please tell me your preference so that I can send you the chapters as soon as possible. Those of you that prefer me sending it through email, please send me the email address you want to read the chapters from. Please let me know as soon as possible. Thank you!




I also realized (a little too late) that some readers live in different time zones and the contest was way too short. The problem was that some readers read my message before others or not enough people knew that the contest was actually happening.


As an apology, I decided to extend the contest. Whoever Private messages me or writes on my message board will have a chance to read the first to chapters of my new story MATES (the Green Twins Story).



One last thing before I go...

I have yet to decide a cover for "MATES". A couple of amazingly talented people have sent me some beautiful covers but I still need more. If your interested, please Private Message me to learn more details or just to let me know that you sent me a cover (so I can check my email).

This will be the last you hear from me until I have reveal what cover I chose and when the release date of MATES will be.

Thanks Guys!!

Have an awesome Summer!!!


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