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🐾Sky's POV🐾

"Awe Man" Kaden cried as soon as we stopped in front of his truck

I winced at we looked at the damged the wolf did. It looked like Jaws jumped out of the ocean and bit Kaden's truck.

"My poor baby!!" he groaned

I looked at him in irritation, Way to make a girl feel special Kaden.

God Forbid if I was bitten, I hope he'll cry and mourn for me like he's doing for his truck.

I grabbed his hand and opened the drive side door "You can fix the car Kaden"

He groaned again "My poor baby!!"


10 minutes later we were outside Eva's room with a box of pastries and coffee. I swear if Kaden doesn't stop whining about his car, I'll Kill him. I'll gladly go to jail if it means I'll stop hearing him talk about his stupid car.

"Stop whining!!"I snapped

"You just don't understand!" He muttered

" I Understand that you can get it fix" I glared "a piece of the hoods missing, it's not like someone trash your car or stole your engine"

He grumbled but I ignored him and knocked on the door before slowing opening it and peeking my head in.

Eva turned to us and beamed "Come in"

Gabriel was sitting next to Eva on the bed, holding baby McKenna in his arms.

He was beaming as she wrapped her tiny hand around his index finger.

When he saw us, he smiled "Hey guys"

I waved and Kaden nodded his head "How's the pup?" Kaden asked

I gasped and slapped his head

He did not call baby McKenna a puppy "KADEN!!" I yelled

Kaden looked at me quizzically "What?"

I gave the proud parents a beaming smile before dragging him out of the room "You called their child a puppy"

He rolled his eyes "So?"

My mouth dropped opened "SO!" I screeched "That's not nice!"

He just chuckled and kissed my forehead before walking me back into the room.

"I'm sorry I called your daughter a pup" Kaden addressed Eva and Gabe. "Skylar says that it's not nice"

Eva giggled and Gabe grinned

"Well, that's a 1st. Kaden Matthews is actually apologizing" Gabriel said before looking back at his daughter. She was making cute gurgling noise to catch his attention.

I giggled

"She's just like her Dad" Kaden grinned "An Attention seeker"

Eva shook her head and patted the seat next to her, indicating that I should sit, while the boys bantered back and forth with each other.

"Skylar, there is something I want to ask of you" she said softly

I nodded my head "Ask away"

She smiled "Gabriel and I wanted to know if you would want to be Kenna's Godmother"

I froze and my mouth dropped opened "What..." I breathed out "Me?"

She smiled and nodded her head. I looked at Kaden and he was grinning at me. He must have known that Eva was going to ask me. I gave him the stink eye. He could have gave me a heads up.

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