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Here's the Bonus/Extra Chapter we've been waiting for!!!




5 Months after Christian was killed

🐾Sky's POV🐾

Kaden and I were snuggled on the couch, watching T.V. in the living room when Mrs. Matthews came bouncing in.

"Kaden!!! I finally found all those missing photo albums we were looking for!!" she said excitedly.

Kaden stiffened "Where'd you find them Mom? I thought we gave up on finding them after they disappeared"

I looked at Kaden suspiciously

She waved her hand dismissively "I did but when I was cleaning out the attic, there were tucked in one of the locked trunks underneath all the old baby clothes. Dad must have put them there and forgot about them"

She opened the book and squealed before taking a seat in between us.

Kaden grunted before scooting away from his mother, I looked at her in amusement.

"Sky, I've been meaning to show you this since forever!!!" she pointed at a picture and giggled "That was Kaden when he was in kindergarten and lost his first tooth"

I looked at a smiling Kaden, who was holding up his tooth for the camera

She turned the page "Ah look Kaden!!! This is the letter they sent us when you were accepted into that honor program"

My head snapped toward Kaden and I saw him give his mother a panicked look

"I think your confused Mom" he gulped and tried to take the book away from her. "I think you mean that little award everyone got during show and tell"

She narrowed her eyes at him "I am not confused! It says it right here" she cleared her throat

Dear Mr. and Mrs. Matthews,

We are excited to announce that your son has been accepted into our program due to his outstanding scores on the International English and Mathematics IQ...

She went on and on but I zoned her out and shot a look towards Kaden

He wouldn't look at me, even when I cleared my throat three times.

"I'm going to...get some..Uh...drinks" he excused himself when his mother started talking animatedly with me.

After 10 minutes, I excused myself to find out what was taking Kaden so long when the fridge was 5 feet away.

When I enter the kitchen and saw that no one was there, I grinded my teeth together.

"Coward" I hissed

The Matthews back door opened and I was ready to chew someone's head off when Broody stepped through the door.

When he saw the angry look on my face, he took a step back "Sky? What's wrong?"

"Where's the lying coward you call a best friend?"

His eyes widened "What? What are you talking about? I just came here to drop some paperwork off the Alpha has to fill out. I thought he was here?"

I grabbed my car keys off the kitchen table, happy with my decision that for once in my life, I decided to drive myself to Kaden's house instead of having him pick me up.

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