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🐾Sky's POV🐾

"Okay Class! This is our last day at this beautiful place and I want us to explore nature and participate in a scavenger hunt" the Class President announced.

Everyone groaned

"Okay, after breakfast, meet back here" Ms. Kyle said in a authoritative tone. She then patted the back of a very annoyed looking class President.

As soon as we were in the Dining Hall, an arm wrapped around my waist. When I looked up, my brown eyes were met with Emerald eyes.

"Hey babe" he said and kissed my cheek

I nodded my head as I put scramble eggs on my plate.

He sighed "Are you still mad at me?"

This time, I sighed "No, I guess I'm just annoyed. I'm curious and don't want to be blind sided with a secret that could potentially put a strain on our relationship"

"Sky, I only asked to give me time. I promise you that I will explain everything soon"

I elbowed him "If I have to hear 'SOON' one more time, I will chop off your hands"

Kaden chuckled "Violent Much Baby"

I turned in his arms and balanced my plate with one hand while poking him in the chest with the other "You better believe it"


As soon as everyone finished breakfast, we made our way back to where the Class President made his announcement.

"Students!" Ms. Kyle announced excitedly "This is a partnership scavenger hunt"

"What does that mean?" Lauren asked

"It means that you will have a partner to help you on this scavenger hunt. The partners will be randomly selected and whichever team solves the puzzle first gets free time with the person they choose for the rest of the trip"

People started murmuring excitedly.

The teachers and tour guides kept us so busy with our groups that we hardly had time to hang out with our friends"

"Now" Ms. Kyle said after quieting us "I will send half of you into the woods with a map. The other half will wait here until I assign you a partner. Clues are carved into trees, rocks, and under piles of leaves"

"How will we know where to go?" Jared asked

"With these" Brian said while carrying a box of walkie talkies

"Every person will get a walkie talkie. Ms. Kyle will be on channel 1 and we will give a you and your partner a corresponding channel"

"Now that this little detail is out of the way, shall we start?" Bryan asked

Everyone nodded and Bryan handed out the walkie talkies

Ms. Kyle handed some maps out and pointed each of us into a direction

We were spread out and I found my first clue carved on a tree.

I quickly wrote it down and was just about to leave to find my next clue when rustling sound caught my attention.

When I turned around, my eyes widened and he put he hands out in a peaceful gesture

"Ms. Kyle assigned me to you"

"Great" I said while turning my back to him.

"Look" he said and I felt the frustration in his voice "I'm sorry for grabbing you the way I did, I honestly didn't mean for it to be aggressive, I just had to talk to you"

I turned around and looked at him



"Why did you need to talk to me?"

He rubbed his neck and his cheeks turned pink "I wanted to warn you about Kaden"

I instantly stiffened

"What do you want to tell me about my Boyfriend, Christian" I said through clenched teeth

He sobered up and took a step towards me but I glared at him.

"Say what you need to say from where you are. Come any closer and I won't be responsible for my actions"

He nodded his head

"He isn't what you think he is" Chris began

I raised my hand "if your going to try to tell me lies about my boyfriend, the guy I have known my whole life, than you better stop now because I don't want to hear it"

"Have you ever wondered why he is so protective over you? Why he never lets you out of his sight? Or his animalistic growls"

My eyes widened at that

I did wonder about that, especially because recently he was doing it a lot more lately.

Chris caught my look and smirked

"I'm right, aren't I?"

I stayed quiet but on the inside I was fuming

To think, everyone thought he was a nice new kid but in actuality, he was a pompous and arrogant jerk.

Talk about two-faced

"Look, there's a reason why he's waiting until his 19th birthday to tell you what he has to tell you"

I looked at him in shock "How did you..."

Chris ignored my question and kept talking "He wants to make sure that you love him before you find out his true nature"

"What are you even talking about!!" I stated angrily "You're crazy!!"

Chris ignored me again "You know he doesn't love you"

I was 5 seconds away from killing him

"He could never love someone because of what he is"

"And what is he EXACTLY!" I screamed

"A killer..."


Hey Guys!

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