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"Morning Parents!" I exclaimed the next morning.

After we kissed, Kaden and I watched a couple of movies before we decided that he had to go home. It probably wouldn't have been the best idea if he stayed, on the off chance that my parents walked in.


My Dad would probably have had a heartattack and my brother would have brought out his baseball bat.

I grabbed an apple and kissed my nephew on the head as I passed both him and Reagan. She looked up from her son and gave me a suspicous look.

I just ate my apple.

"Morning Sweetie" Mom said "You're in a particularly lovely mood today"

I blushed lightly thinking about last night

"Does it have to do with someone special?" Mom continued and I blushed deeper. John scowled and Dad turned deathly pale.

"No" I mumbled, avoiding their eyes and taking Aiden out of his mother's arms.

He just looked up and me with those curious eyes. I kissed his little cheek.

I heard a throat clear and I looked up into the eyes of my father.

"Skylar, I think it would be best if Kaden and his parents came to dinner tonight. We can discuss all the rules together so we can all be on the same page" he said and John's scowl dipped lower.

"You're gonna let her date him?" He asked dad and I rolled my eyes.

"Why not Jonathan?" Mom asked "You never had a problem with Kaden before"

"That was before I caught them making out in her room" he mumbled.

I gasped and Dad choked on his waffles.

Reagan smacked his head "WHAT IS WRONG WITH YOU?"

John grumbled something and took Aiden out of my hands, muttering how he only wants sons.

I looked at the clock and groaned.

"Bye Parents!" I shouted before getting out of my chair.

"Wait!" I heard Reagan's voice behind me. I turned just in time to see he grab a bottle of water and kiss Aiden on his head. "Let's walk out together. I have too get going anyway"

"Where you going?" I asked curiously

"Just meeting with a Real Estate Agent. John and I are looking into buying a house of our own"

"Awe" I said in disappointment "That means I won't see Aiden when I wake up anymore?"

She laughed and opened the front door "Yeah, sorry Sky. We just really need to find a place of our own"

"Don't say sorry to me. Tell that to Mom. I don't think she's ready to let baby Aiden go yet. The other day I heard her bragging to her book club on how her grand baby is way better than theirs"

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