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Sky's POV

It was 8:30 in the morning when I woke up and I couldn't help but squeal.

I get to see my nephew again!!

I rolled over in Kaden's arms and admired his sleeping face. I gently touched his strong jaw, full lips, and perfectly shaped eyebrows. I let my fingers gently caress his lips and briefly wondered what it'll be like to kiss them.

I was just about to pull my fingers away when he nipped at them.

I gasped and my whole face turned red.

"You can't put fingers in my face and expect me not to bite them" he said groggily.

I slapped his chest.

"You were up, You Jerk!"

"Baby, I was up the moment you rolled over in my arms" he said and I rolled my eyes. My blush deepened ever more.

"So since you're up, let's go to the hospital!" I said excitedly. He groaned.

"Babe, the little twerp will still be there even if we arrive late" he said and I gave him a glare.

"Kaden, that is my nephew were talking about and if you don't get a move on it, I will never talk to you again!" I threaten.

Total Lie.

I Could never stop taking to Kaden, my heart wouldn't let me.

His eyes darkened and he scowled at me. "You're such a liar"

I huffed and rolled my eyes.

"Can we at least get breakfast first?" He asked and I thought about it.

"Fine"I said with a sigh. He grinned and kissed my cheek, close to where my mouth was. I blushed.

"Thanks Babe!" He said before going to the bathroom, whistling a toon.


Soon we were in a car driving to the local café

As we drove though town I couldn't help but notice mistletoe everywhere. A question popped into my head and I glanced at Kaden.

"Kaden?" I asked

"Hm?" He answered as he drank some water.

"What happens when you get a girlfriend?" I asked and he started choking. The question hurt my heart but I just had to ask. A guy like Kaden couldn't stay single forever.

"What?" He asked. I started to repeated myself but he put a hand up to stop me. "I understand what you said but what I don't understand is why you said it?"

"I mean, come on Kaden you can't stay single forever. When you finally do find someone that catches your eye she wouldn't you to be spending all your time with me. You will be forced to choose between me and her and I'm pretty sure you'll choose her because let's face it she is your girlfriend..." I rambled.

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