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🐾Kaden's POV🐾


I felt Sky stir in my arms and I immediately knew when she was fully awake.






I groaned and opened my eyes "You better not have woken me up because of today's date"

She blushed and kissed my cheek "Happy Birthday Kady!!"

I rolled my eyes "Thank you Doll"

She poked my forehead "Get up!!"

I raised my hands in defense "I'm up!"

"No silly, I mean get up physically!! I have a surprise waiting for you downstairs"

I looked at my phone

8:30 in the morning

"Baby, don't you think it's a little early to get up? I mean, I don't want to wake up your parents or Aiden" I said quietly.

She rolled her eyes "My parents know what today is so there's a good chance that they're already up" she kissed my nose "Plus, I really want to show you your surprise"

"Fine, fine" I groaned again "But didn't I tell you that I don't want anything for my birthday. It's no big deal"

She gasped

"How dare you say that!" She punched me "This is the day that my best friend and the love of my life was born!! If you never existed than I don't know what I would do. I probably would be half the person I am today. You care for me, love me, and put my needs before your own. I Love you Kaden Matthews and if I had to choose between you and breathing, I would choose you. I would always choose you"

I looked at her in shock

In all my 11 years of knowing her, I never EVER, heard her talk like that. She said it so fiercely that I swore I was dreaming.

"I Love you Skylar" I said before kissing her.

When we pulled apart, I was given the satisfaction of watching her blush spread to her neck.

"Can you please come downstairs now" she said timidly

I grinned and kissed her again "After that speech, I would do anything you ask"

She smiled at me and we made our way downstairs.

When we got to the kitchen, my mouth dropped opened

"Ta-Da!" Sky said excitedly

In front of me was a whole buffet of all my favorite foods.

It ranged from my Mom's famous pancakes to Sky's chocolate chip cookies and my Nana's home made Apple strudel.

"How did you..." I started and she giggled.

There was no way that she had time to make arrangements to get all my favorite foods.

"You know the day when I was stuck in the hospital and both Lauren and Brody showed up?" She asked and I nodded

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