Kaden's POV: Part 2

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When I woke up, a blanket was wrapped over me and I smelled steak cooking

I walked into the kitched and saw Eva at the stove mashing potatoes

"Let me help you Evie"

"Thanks Kade"

I smiled before taking all my anger out on those potatoes. I'm pretty sure, they were soup now.

"Good thing I grabbed an extra steak at the market yesterday"

"I'm really sorry Eva, I didn't mean to impose. You were the 1st person I thouhght of to help me"

She smiled "You're not imposing Kaden, I'm glad you're here"

I hugged her.

"Something smells good" Gabe exclaimed as he walked in the kitchen. He took one look at the potatoes and raised an eyebrow.

"What is this" he pointed to the pot

"Mashed Potatoes" Eva said with a frown

"Well, honey. I think you're losing your touch, because that" he pointed to the pot again "Is not mashed potatoes"

She went to the pot and her jaw dropped "KADEN!!"

I smiled guiltily "I might have mashed the potatoes too much"

"You think?" Gabe laughed

Eva shot us dirty looks "This is why I don't let you guys help!"

She was ranting at us when the twins walked in laughing

"What's for dinner, Doll?" Greyson asked before putting a hand around Eva.

Both Gabe and I were giving him the throat cutting "Abort Mission" hand signal behind Eva's back. Too bad the idiot didn't understand.

Eva gave him the meanest look that I swear he whimpered.

"We were having Steak, Corn, Salad, and Mashed Potatoes" she shot me a dirty look "But someone pulverized my potatoes"

That look could have grown men fall to their knees.

I should know, my knees started shaking.

Eva took a deep breath "Everyone get out of my kitchen and don't come back until I tell you too"

When we were out of the kitchen, we all took a deep breath

"What's wrong with her" Greyson grumbled

"Her hormones effect her moods" Gabe said and then grimace "This is probably the only thing I don't like about her pregnancy"

"But she was happy a couple of minutes ago" I said

"That was a couple of minutes ago" Gabe grimaced "her moods change all the time"

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