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After our Lunch Date Kaden drove me home and we just hung out until my nephew came home.

"Well hello to you too" my brother said sarcastically

"He's cuter and didn't beat up my boyfriend" I said pointedly

Kaden snorted

"I bet he could if he was older" my brother exclaimed and then kissed Aiden's head "Isn't that right buddy?"

Aiden just giggled

"We're home kids!" My parents exclaimed. Mom walked into the living room and held her hands open.

I held Aiden close to me "Nuh Uh, get your own lady"

"Okay" a voice said from behind me before my nephew was plucked out of my hands

I pouted "No fair"

"What?" Reagan laughed "You said get your own"

"I meant that the old lady should get her own, not you!"

"I'm not to old to whoop your butt!" Mom yelled from the kitchen

"Daddy! Your Wife is threatening me!"

I heard my dad laugh

"Stop whining" my brother said before sitting in between Kaden and I.

"Dude" Kaden said

Jonathan gave him an innocent look "What?"

"That spot is reserved for my girlfriend" Kaden said

Jonathan batted his eyelashes and put his arm around Kaden "Thanks for saving the spot for me babe"

Kaden smirked and wrapped his arm around Jonathan "You're welcome" he said before making kissy faces at my brother.

John punched Kaden in the stomach "Idiot"

"Is that anyway to treat your future brother-in-law?" I choked on a laughed. John shot Kaden a mean glare.

"That's never gonna happen, even if I have come between you for the rest of my life"

Kaden laughed before his phone rang "Hello?"

His smiled immediately vanished "What? When?" The whole room quieted, even Aiden stopped giggling. "Okay, We're on our way"

"What happened?" I asked

"Eva was admitted into the hospital for complications. My mom just called me after she got off the phone with my aunt. Gabriel's a mess"

I was already half way out the door when he finished telling me what was wrong. I sent a look to my parents and they nodded their heads.

"Go ahead honey, We understand"

Little Aiden was wailing and Reagan was rocking him gently.

We didn't talk the whole drive to the hospital.

As soon as we stopped, we all but ran to where the Matthew's and Green's were.

I found Gabriel pacing, the twins looking scared, Grant was sobbing in his father's shirt, and Mrs. Green was sobbing with her sister and a woman that looked like an older version of Eva.

Kaden grabbed my hand and squeezed tightly "What happened?"

Gabriel was the 1st to speak "We were watching T.V when Eva started getting these weird pains. I freaked out and we immediately came to the hospital. They're giving her tests now"

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