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"OH HELL NO" A booming voice sounded though my room. Kaden and I both sprang apart and I watched as my brother, red faced and angry, grabbed Kaden by the collar of his shirt.

Or Should I say try to grab him by the collar of his shirt

Kaden was 220 pound of rock hard muscle.

It was quite comical, watching my brother struggle to man-handle Kaden. Because A) Kaden was never going to move unless he wanted to0 and B) My brother wasn't some toothpick. He was actually a pretty well-built guy, not as well-built as Kaden but, still generally fit.

Kaden raised an eyebrow and knocked his hands away from his shirt.

I heard footsteps on the stairs and groaned internally

Could this day get any worse? Now this was turning into a family affair.

"What is with all this noise?" My father yelled. "Jonathan! Why are you trying to choke Kaden?"

I turned around quickly and watched in Horror as my brother was choking my best-friend.

"John! Stop it!" I pounded on his back. Reagan gasped and my mother started screaming at her son.

Kaden punched John and he stumbled back holding his bloody nose. I stood in between both of them and glared at my brother.

"What the Hell John!!"

"ME! YOUR ASKING ME THAT!" He screamed and I glared at him

"I sure as hell wasn't talking to the wall"

"Save it Sky! Why don't you tell everyone why I'm acting like this?" He yelled and I flinched.

"I don't know"

"SKY!" He yelled and I flinched but kept my mouth close. When he figured that I wasn't going to talk, he turned to my parents instead. "I came up here to give Sky the food we brought her when I found them making out!"

All eyes were on me and I blushed a deep red.

We were definitely not making out.

Hell! I barely kissed him!!

"Is that true Skylar?" My father asked me. I looked up to see that he was deathly pale. My mother was ready to squeal and Reagan was smirking.

"NO!" I Screeched "Well yes, I mean No, I mean..." I twisted my hands behind my back nervously. Kaden grabbed one of my hands and squeezed.

"Sir" Kaden addressed my father "I am in love with your daughter and after our fight I had to profess my feelings to her. I couldn't stand being her friend anymore and  was just so excited when she reciprocated my feelings that I kissed her. John walked in just as we kissed" 

My mother and Reagan squealed. If possible, my father turned even whiter.

"Kaden, I think it would be best if you left for the night" he said quietly.

Kaden nodded his head and squeezed my hand one last time before leaving my room. When he was gone, I turned to my brother and glared.

"Are you happy now?"

My brother grinned. The blood from his nose dripping into his teeth. "Very"

"Jonathan! Leave your sister alone Young Man" Mom scolded. Reagan grabbed my brother's hand and pulled him down the stairs, slapping his head and handing him tissue as they descended down. My father excused himself to his room, claiming that he had a migraine.

Mom gave me a small smile

"You okay Sweetie?" She asked gently

I nodded my head, a smile on my face.

"So..." Mom said with a tiny squeal "How was your 1st Kiss"

"MOM!!" I screeched in horror."How did you know that it was my 1st kiss?"

She rolled her eyes before sitting down on my bed. She patted the seat next to her. "When you were younger, I think it was a couple of weeks after we moved here and you became friends with Kaden, he used to say all the time how he was going to give you your 1st kiss and one day be your husband. I thought it was so cute!! As you grew older, I watched as he became more protective of you. How he watched over you and kept you out of trouble. The boy would not let you out of his sight for anything. Everywhere you went, he followed. It's actually really romantic"

The whole time she talked, my face was on fire.

"I don't remember him saying that?" I said and she laughed.

"Skylar, you were such an oblivious little girl. The house could be on fire and you wouldn't even know it" she said and I frowned.

"But I'm pretty sure I would have heard if my best-friend wanted to kiss me"

Mom shook her head "Not if you two were acting like the Prince and Princess of a Castle" she said and I remembered all the times were played dress up. I always thought Kaden was kidding when he said that I was his one true love but now, I'm not so sure.

Mom laughed "It was so funny watching your brother try to break you two apart whenever he got the chance. When I asked him one day why he did that, his answer was so funny" she said before deepening her voice "It's my job as a big brother to make her life a Living Hell"

I rolled my eyes.

Now that I thought about it, Jonathan did try to break us apart any chance he got. When we watched a movie, John would always insist that I sat by him, saying that he needed "Quality Brother Time" too. Or when Kaden and I would sit in my room and just laugh or talk, John would always knock on my door "Claiming" that he need something from me.

"Mom, no offense but your son's an Idiot" I said and she laughed

"None taken sweetie but don't blame your brother too much for caring about you. He was just looking out for his little sister"

"Fine," I huffed "But I won't yelled at him too much because he might take Aiden away from me"

She laughed again before kissing my forehead "Good night sweetie, get some rest. Tomorrow we'll talk about the new house rules"

I groaned "House Rules? What House Rules?"

"The new rules in which you and Kaden can't be alone anymore"

"But Mom, Kaden and I never had rules before" I whined.

"Before you and Kaden never kissed"

"Ugh!" I screamed in my pillow to hide my embarrassment.

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